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A.T.O.M. v0.0.15

Having a number of 5171 direct views, 4780 updates engagements and 11.9k impressions all over the sites I’ve been sharing my project – provided my with a vital information – that I can do better and I should continuously work on this game.

ATOM (64-bit Development PCD3D_SM5) 11_18_2019 10_09_47 PM

From the game-play videos that people posted on the game’s web pages – I discovered what others are expecting from the game – also what things should be implemented and which functionalities should be polished.

The thing with A.T.O.M. is that I am building it while learning how to work with Unreal Engine. I am using whatever tutorials I can get my hands on – also I’ve bought 7 courses from Udemy to help me learning this tool.

It’s been three weeks since I’ve released the demo for A.T.O.M. – and now the game has reached v 0.0.15.

ATOM (64-bit Development PCD3D_SM5) 11_18_2019 10_05_19 PM

This means new functionalities, new level areas, previous functionalities which in the demo didn’t seem quite working well, were worked on too.

As previously stated – this game is meant to be an exploration of a confusing world – the player gets in a situation which doesn’t seem right from the very beginning. There is no combat, no complex game functionalities – only an atmospheric experience – created with 3D objects, configuration of light systems, colors and shadows, written notes on panels and audio recordings – which should give the player the proper means to feel anxious – the main scope of the game is to induce a sense of insecurity – to create the fear of not knowing what is actually happening inside the game.

ATOM (64-bit Development PCD3D_SM5) 12_3_2019 9_57_33 PM

The full game is scheduled to be released somewhere in the first quarter of 2020. An exact date has not been yet decided. More updates to follow.

In Case Of An Emergency

Lately – my obsession with zombies started to fade away – and this not because I’m not interested in this weird and evil face of the human imagination (?) – but because I was preoccupied with other sort of things (normal and real for once).

I haven’t seen a zombie-themed movie in months. I haven’t played any video-games involving beheading half-rotten-corpses or destroying them completely. Pretty much nothing. But when I encountered the picture below – something awakened inside. Why deny some element that is part of my subconscious and something that simply I’m interested in?

Indeed in case of an emergency I already know what I’ll use. Primary weapon: definitely a shotgun for close combat. Action will be insanely mixed with adrenaline, fear and the need of completing goals – which in the case of a “potential” zombie apocalypse (pay attention to potential – because even in the Bible – Matthews wrote The tombs broke open and the bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life. They came out of the tombs…) is comprised in the act of survival.

A secondary weapon might come in handy when large groups of these “enemies” captured you or endangered your life til a critical point. A pistol should do the trick – but also some far-ranged weapon could prove to be of assistance. Speaking about a melee weapon – chainsaw looks amazing (especially if you are familiar with the latest REC movie – if not you should watch it) but chainsaw is heavy. A bat could free your way easily – but in this case I’d choose the machete. Since the times I was playing Manhunt and executing gang members – got interested in this weapon.

If gadgets we are talking about then – always have a source of light with you. Lighter, flashlight, matches – anything is most welcomed. The last part is somewhat irrelevant – because in any zombie apocalypse there’s a fuel crisis so – your car will stop in the middle of nowhere. If you want to survive then explore the rural or urban zones around you and find perfect spots for hiding and ambushing.

There is no actual reason why I wrote this post. I guess I let the child in me to have some morbid fun. And since I permitted him to do so – now he asks for more. I guess I’ll watch some episodes from Highschool of the Dead in order to please him.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D – Official Trailer

The Silent Hill game series from Konami were appreciated for the originality they showed during the game-play. A grotesque world, apparently invisible for the regular citizen developed in a city where nightmare grew in the shadows of doubt and desperation. Unreal monsters, sacrifices, traps, delusions and depravity – are some of the elements from the Silent Hill universe.

The first movie told us about what exactly happened in that old town where only decolorized memories gathered together around a mystical fire that spread shady ashes.

This year, in October we will reunite with the essence of this story in Silent Hill: Revelations which will be released in 3D. Below you have the trailer for the motion picture. Looks pretty interesting and I’ll patiently wait for the fall to bring the chance to see it.

Witch And The 100 Soldiers: PS3 Getting Too Many Of These

I recently stumbled upon this title “Witch and the 100 Soldiers” – an RPG due to be released this spring for the PS3 and I wondered who’d buy this game taking into consideration that it looks kinda dumb and childish.

Lots of colors cannot make a game buyable – as an RPG – it should be glowing, not having “cute” witches summoning mini-soldiers.

The anime style used in here doesn’t help – it brings down a unique title. It’s a Japanese game – lots of other things may have helped making it more enjoyable.

Looking at this – this should be a PSP game for your son to play at his 10th birthday. I’ve seen the same mistake in other genres as well. For example lots of fantasy MMORPG that you can play for free have this anime-simplistic style to accompany you. It’s not attractive at all – it’s like more and more games are redirected to 5-year-olds that start exploring fantasy.

A game should be a piece of art – not a please-buy-a-copy-of-this-simple-product.

That’s the problem with J-RPGs – they don’t depict ideas right – going only for linear dialogues and what’s-under-her-skirt moments. I hope there is at least a good story associated with it.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Character Trailer

Resident Evil games made lots of fans starting with the first product. This year Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will be released, letting gamers from all over to re-enter the zombie-filled dangerous world where survival is a priority.

Specialties presented: Assault, Recon, Medic, Surveillance, Field Scientist and Demolition. The gameplay seems awesome, action and tactics in a third person perspective. Below you have the character presentation trailer.