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A.T.O.M. v0.0.15

Having a number of 5171 direct views, 4780 updates engagements and 11.9k impressions all over the sites I’ve been sharing my project – provided my with a vital information – that I can do better and I should continuously work on this game.

ATOM (64-bit Development PCD3D_SM5) 11_18_2019 10_09_47 PM

From the game-play videos that people posted on the game’s web pages – I discovered what others are expecting from the game – also what things should be implemented and which functionalities should be polished.

The thing with A.T.O.M. is that I am building it while learning how to work with Unreal Engine. I am using whatever tutorials I can get my hands on – also I’ve bought 7 courses from Udemy to help me learning this tool.

It’s been three weeks since I’ve released the demo for A.T.O.M. – and now the game has reached v 0.0.15.

ATOM (64-bit Development PCD3D_SM5) 11_18_2019 10_05_19 PM

This means new functionalities, new level areas, previous functionalities which in the demo didn’t seem quite working well, were worked on too.

As previously stated – this game is meant to be an exploration of a confusing world – the player gets in a situation which doesn’t seem right from the very beginning. There is no combat, no complex game functionalities – only an atmospheric experience – created with 3D objects, configuration of light systems, colors and shadows, written notes on panels and audio recordings – which should give the player the proper means to feel anxious – the main scope of the game is to induce a sense of insecurity – to create the fear of not knowing what is actually happening inside the game.

ATOM (64-bit Development PCD3D_SM5) 12_3_2019 9_57_33 PM

The full game is scheduled to be released somewhere in the first quarter of 2020. An exact date has not been yet decided. More updates to follow.

A.T.O.M. – Development Log

On a Saturday morning (August 25) I decided to follow some tutorials on Unreal Engine.

Little did I know that the entire day I would be building something that later will become my first indie game – A.T.O.M. – A Tale Of Madness – a horror atmospheric video-game – with a cinematic feeling.

One entire day – like 14 hours or so.

Later in the evening I would have a basic maze, some light configuration, I would know how to set up and create textures and so on.

Little by little – I would add pieces to it – and by now – I am almost ready to release a demo of it.

ATOM - Unreal Editor 9_22_2019 1_36_34 PM

I have written another article about the game – I Am Making A Game: ATOM – stating how my workflow regarding the project was established.

My game was inspired by titles like Layers Of Fear, SOMA and Noise, for example –  games which allow you to travel inside a fictional world and discover the story.

Initially I wanted to write a story in the form of a visual-novel – which is still planned (and it will be a space-horror themed project) but having it in the form of a first-person exploration game – made me think it would be more engaging with the player.

There were days all I wanted was to just sit and play around with the engine – and building this game offered me an insight and some ideas for a future project – I already know it’s name and what it will offer – sometime after I release the demo I will start constructing a basic level for it – to see where this will take me.

ATOM - Unreal Editor 11_8_2019 12_56_00 PM

What I observed that I like most – it is the level design – offering shape to a virtual world – from your own perspective and how you thought it to be – it feels amazing.

I recently created a website for the game – A.T.O.M. – Official Website. Here you can engage with a summary of the game’s story and listen to one of the soundtrack themes. Also I’ve added it to sites like Itch.io, GameJolt, IndieDB and ModDB – to built up a community interested in my work.

You can see the projects below:

And I have 530 engages with these pages in just two days.

ATOM - Unreal Editor 9_22_2019 1_38_49 PM

After releasing the DevLog on GameJolt – I was ranked second place in Hot Horror Games. And that felt good.

The demo is coming soon – I will not specify a date even if it is already established.

Until then – enjoy the game’s trailer. More updates to be released soon.