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Sakura -Japan in the Box-

The Meijiza Theater from Tokyo has a history of 140 years of art performing.

People had enjoyed different forms of acting throughout the Meiji, Taisho, Showa and the Heisei Eras. Kabuki shows but also newer forms of theater are shown to the public. And recently a new idea and an innovative form of acting can be enjoyed here at nighttime.

I am talking about the show called Sakura – Japan in the Box. This performance blends Japanese traditional arts like acting, dancing and playing various instruments with modern pop culture, anime and games. The performance is also being synchronized with projections of different animated pieces. It is meant for local and foreign public, and therefore, little dialogue is used.


The show is a spectacular game of colors, motions, traditional japanese instruments – that culminate with feelings, absorbtion into the story. The performing act has to be synchronized with the animation shown in the background – therefore a lot of effort was put into the work of the actors and the producers.

This is a story about Sakura – a girl who is living her daily routine without something special attached to it. But one day – an encounter with a mysterious fox changes everything. She is taken on a journey across time and space – she meets the spirits of the four seasons:

– The Spirit of the Spring, Miyabi

– The Spirit of Summer, Choco

– The Spirit of Autumn, Rin

– The Spirit of Winter, Setsuna

The show is a compilation of kabuki, taiko players, shamisen players, sword fights and some beautiful animations that make the story powerful.

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Harajuku Sui Generis

The Harajuku clothing styles are known to be different, unique. Between Shinjuku and Shibuya rises the element of non-conformism. People show others that they were created in order to not-follow the same existential pattern. I read various articles and saw different video materials describing the life-style around the Harajuku station – and every time I completely got amazed by the amount of details that each person exploits in order to appear exclusive. The picture below is just a sample of what you can find around this area. Japan visitors should take a look around these parts. Myself…I would surely do that when the right time comes.

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Photography: Hiroshima

The warm colored sky, the tranquility emanated from the water’s liquid mirror and the persisting nuances of the monuments – symbols describing the most beautiful part of a culture – traditionalism – something that never grows old, never gets disfigured by time’s progression and pressure.

Japan offers many interesting and beautiful locations, both natural and made by the intervention of man. This was originally posted on Japan Two’s blog. There you can find a large variety of Japan photographs.

Android Mannequin Takes Marketing To Another Dimension

The Takashimiya department store in Tokyo offers its visitors a unique display – a female robot capable of reacting in front of human visitors.

The android is capable of over sixty facial expressions and movements. This is a Valentine’s Day promotion sustained by a written message on the store’s display window “Android falls in love. She is waiting for you”. If you ask me – just another “Forever Alone ” notion.

But – the idea is great. It is a new visual merchandising concept which obviously is attractive to public.