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Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen Soundtrack and other Pokemon Ramblings

Monday mood.

Yesterday I played some Pokemon Red, getting experience points for the Pokemons I’ve caught, leveling up my Rattata and capturing some other Pokemon. I decided that I will try to complete the collection of Pokemon by capturing wild ones and evolving the ones I already have. Currently I am battling with Rattata as mentioned – I have it at level 10 but only at level 20 it evolves into Raticate. Also by capturing new ones – I can complete the Pokedex quest. The entries for Rattata are shown below.

Screenshot-2018-4-23 Rattata (Pokémon) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia

I was thinking about completing at least one of the first-generation games (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow versions), made for Gameboy before moving unto FireRed version – for Gameboy Advance. And apparently – the soundtrack stuck with me, because I am listening the FireRed/GreenLeaf soundtrack right now – doing stuff at job. Below you also have some of the recorded gameplays I’ve uploaded.

Pokemon Red Gameplay 04 – Rattata Level 10 [Viridian Forest]

Pokemon Red (Pallet Town – Leveling Up Charmander To Level 9)

Pokemon Yellow – Pallet Town (Leveling Up Pikachu To Level 8)