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Number 13: Seeing it everywhere

So.. I wrote an article some time ago – Number 13: When You Keep Seeing It which had a lot of success and I thought it is better if I re-write it with more details and specifications, explanations and commentaries.

A number. With a great signification. 13.


I still encounter it on a daily basis. And – as I thought – it does not bother me so much anymore. At first I was concerned about it. 13. Could it bring unhappiness, misfortune, trials, diseases or some other sort of evil manifestation? Then I realized it is just a number taking me through various steps into my evolution.

Of course I am still at the beginning of my journey – but until now – nothing really bad happened – and if something happened, it was just an echo of my own actions – a reverberation of my own choices.

So what is – in fact – number 13. Besides being a prime number, a number included in the Fibonacci sequence, a number used in various religious practices – it is a cause and an effect. If you encounter it – you have two options for it. You can use it for a greater purpose. As believed, this number has a great potential, numerologists call it a power number. It can be a signal of alarm for stopping something bad and creating something useful. It is not necessarily bad – it doesn’t bring misfortune to you – as summer brings thunderstorms, but it can create an obstacle if you are not careful in what you are doing in your life. Also, you can use it for a lesser purpose, which is not indicated.

The fear of number 13 – Triskaidekaphobia – as any fear of something – can mentally challenge you, if you do not put your thoughts in order. Keeping a clean thinking, a healthy mind is the first step into stopping this number from ruining your dayFriday 13th on a calendar

It is all about your perception and interpretation. The Aztecs considered it a magical number,  and they used it into various rituals and forms of organization. The Aztec week lasted 13 days.

Good and bad things are affiliated with this number. A wiccan coven was structured to have 13 members. In the Salem Witch trials, 13 important names suffered an agonising death. I can say that these types of actions are only born from the fear of the unknown. In those times, not being able to explain something scientifically, often brought dangerous and evil behaviour.

So – as you can see – seeing this number is just probably a way of this universe telling you that change is needed. In Tarot – the card of Death bears number thirteen. Drawing up the card does not mean you are about to die – but that you are attentioned to get rid of the old ways of yourself and begin creating a new, better, fruitful existence.

If trials come your way, be patient, keep calm, pay attention, don’t start screaming, yelling, cursing, be prepared for anything, outsmart your competition, be better than the rest of them.

Number 13 is a lucky number. 



Horror Ascend: Yami Shibai

The following article contains many spoilers. Do not read if you plan to watch the show.

A series of short animations with a duration of 4 minutes and a half can really spook you out?

That depends on what they are showing to you, and what atmosphere each episode can create. And definitely this anime can leave you without words. A collection of short japanese tales, each one more weird and upsetting than the previous one. I was just browsing my completed anime list on My Anime List and I searched for some horror shows and this one caught my eyes.3e70c2d2055555744f644a98720d263098146d99_hq

First of all, because of the strange anime effects and artwork and secondly because of the stories told.


Episode 1 – If you move into a new house and right across the street, a strange woman stares at you, day and night, you have to quickly realize something is very wrong. But what if she comes into your house and that is the start of an undefiled end for you?

Episode 2 – Zanbai can be translated as offering disaster to a certain person. It is a curse, it is a ritual of death, and the hero in this episode cannot escape his fate.

Episode 3 – We all love the fresh air of countryside in the morning. But what if, in this wonderland there is a demon that must be kept out through a strange ritual of laughing…? A happy face always hides a deeper truth of darkness.

Episode 4 – I work at a print shop, and once I saw an old person climbing down the stairs towards me – and then – it just vanished. I do not know what it was. I am sure I saw someone coming down and yet there was nobody there afterwards. Episode 4 tells the story of an entity similar to Yurei that lives inside a copy machine. So strange, so beautiful.


Episode 5 – A family man decides that buying a present for his son along with his wife is not what he planned for the day. So he decides to skip this part only to find himself in a realm of nightmare. He wanted to be alone.. now he finds himself in a strange place.. as he desired..alone…

Episode 6 – Only work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. Japanese people are known to be hard-working. But when you only work and work and work – fatigue comes along. And hallucinations happen. Is that pounding meat creature real???

Episode 7 – Visiting deserted places at night might be a very dumb idea. Especially when you enter a locked door and you find yourself looking like a smiling corpse.

Episode 8 – Do not look into the eyes of the Umbrella Goddess.. stay out of sight.. keep the door closed…

Episode 9 – A young girl is affected by a grudge held against her ancestors. And when this becomes visual on her skin, only inside a holy temple a cure can be found. Or at least purification can be tried.

[WhyNot-Migoto] Yami Shibai - 09 [720p][8B4CFB64].mkv_snapshot_00.34_[2013.09.03_15.12.22]

Episode 10 – As a child I heard stories about ghosts and demons hiding into toilets and grabbing you and eating you.. but this episode makes all this concept incredibly weird.

Episode 11 – Cursed videotape. A cliche into the Japanese horror productions. A videotape of a ghost who moves and if you rewind the tape isn’t there anymore. Don’t look back…

Episode 12 – A shadow in the pavement wants to play with you. If you promise to play with it.. for the sake of your good health.. keep that promise.

Episode 13 – All tales of madness must present the cries of cicadas in the evening. This last episode had something of a Higurashi no naku koro ni ambience included.

I really enjoyed this show because of the painted-style of the animation. Dark tones, disturbing voice effects and a creepy soundtrack helped grow the stories. I am looking forward to the second and the third season of the anime.

And remember… when the door opens up by itself… run!

Number 13: When You Keep Seeing It

There is a strange thing going on…and I don’t know what might be the cause of it.

For some time now – I’ve been seeing something – I had a constant interaction with the number 13. 13 in here, 13 in there, by looking at the clock, in different places – it just pops into my sight. I just liked a page about a movie earlier – and after clicking the button I was registered as the 13th person to do so. I just realized it just after that…

I know life isn’t as simple as we perceive it and there are always things related to us that we will never know. Driven by curiosity I wanted to know about the number I encounter every day. I know that others might see that number often as well, but in my case – I do it repeatedly.

I started to think that somethings is wrong – but if I think about it – maybe it’s just a code or something.

Life’s a logic game. Everything has a dual existence and we don’t have monkeys as ancestors. We have a purpose and we are here to play our part in this game.

So – 13 – has also a dual significance. Continue reading