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Ascension [poem]

Stir of echos, darkened souls;

I see perfection inside your flaws.

Your gentle smile, your golden hair,

A whisper telling me beware

Within my nightmares – sweetest dreams;

I hide from truth, I drink blood streams.

I learn to scream, I learn to fail.

A whisper tells me sweet … beware.

Disturbed #1: Notions on insanity

Disturbed! will be a series of articles in which I will exploit my interest in the dark genres of literature, music, film, comics, manga and anime, audio productions and everything that you could possible imagine having a dark feeling attached to it.

Disturbed. Altered. Broken. Troubled. Bipolar. Nervous. Wrecked. All these notions can be attached to your person, when you are seeing life with a different applied perspective. Some call these things a path to mental illness, some call it their existential pattern, some call it art.

hqdefaultFrom the artistic perspective – the notion disturbed – creates an eerie dark atmosphere within a fictional environment where sad, sadistic, evil things happen. And when is the border between sick and art getting dissolved? I wonder myself sometimes, when I am watching something very gory and unsettling – what makes this of me if I enjoy it? Am I disturbed in some way, it is a sign that I am with half of my brain non-functional?

The answer depends on who is offering it. Some might say yes, some might say no. I really don’t think I am insane but I have a very dark side, a shadow growing inside me on a rocky temple of sadism. I like gory stuff, blood, death, pain, everything that takes you out of the ordinary and places you in a realm of despair. Therefore I seek these things. In art. In productions that make you doubt your own sanity.

I am a horror maniac. It is a daily ritual. At least one sick thing a day. If I’m not listening to some creepy melody I watch something or I read. It is in my nature. I was like that from a very young age. I remember as a kid I was fascinated with dark movies and stuff. I remember one time I knew about a horror movie with wild rabbits killing people to be broadcasted after midnight and I waited for my grandmother to fall asleep, pretending I was sleeping too and then I watched the movie…otherwise she wouldn’t let me see it :)).

There are tons of films, independent shorts, games, comics, manga volumes, anime series, podcasts where individuals like me can dwell in the sick pleasures of horror. It is a genre that captivates and seduces, a genre which can be very enjoyable or very unacceptable. Deals with fear, deals with the dark corners of the human psyche. Deals with everything that is beyond normal.

Like this thing I found on youtube today. Watch it at your own risk. It is sick and not easily digestible.

This weekend was relaxing. I saw Tag (Riaru Onigokko) – a Japanese horror movie from 2015 which deals with the perception of world through multiple personalities, a short disturbing film about some aliens called Mara Mattuschka, The Collector, The Bunny Game – movie about a psychopath that kidnaps a hooker and plays with her mind and both parts of Inner Depravity.

Took my dosage of what-the-fuck. 😀

Gaming 101: SOMA


I can proudly say that I played and finished (multiple times) each game from Frictional Games. That means Penumbra: Overture, Penumbra: Black Plague, Penumbra: Requiem, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs and SOMA.

It is not the first time I write about these game. In articles like PenumbraShadows, Screams and Infernal Fears: The Penumbra CatalogueGaming 101: Penumbra OvertureSymphonious ConvectorsA Letter For RedGaming 101: Amnesia The Dark Descent I expressed my joy of playing these games, immersing into worlds of doubt, fear and sadness. All these games are great. Are exceptional. Are well written and have a unique style of story-telling.

[Spoiler Alert]

SOMA, the latest game from Frictional Games is a First Person Survival Horror Science Fiction Puzzle-Solving game. Set into a world where humankind is no longer an existing entity, after a comet destroyed almost the entire planet, SOMA takes you into the abyss of the North Atlantic Ocean where you wake up in a research facility called Pathos-II. Excerpt from SOMA Wiki says:

It was initially built to conduct thermal mining during the 2060s and, later, developed the Omega Space Gun. It has a diverse staff of scientists and engineers involved in multiple research projects such as marine sciences, hydro-culture, and deep sea construction. An artificial intelligence known as the WAU was used to oversee primary operations of the facility.

When a Comet impact in January 2103 rendered the surface of the Earth barren and killed all surface life, the staff of PATHOS-II became the last living humans on the planet. Knowing they would not be able to survive indefinitely, they began searching for alternative ways to extend their lives and ultimately, save what remains of the human race – the ARK program being among them. Not much is known about the events that followed, but eventually machines previously operated remotely by humans began to become self-aware and started to exhibit human traits. The facility eventually descended into the nightmarish state seen during the events of the game.

Soma 2015-12-19 19-27-55-27

The main character, Simon Jarrett experienced a trauma to the head after being involved a car accident. He decides to take some brain scans and medical treatment for eventually getting better, but the treatment and the solutions for his condition are nowhere to be found.

He wakes up after almost 100 years from the moment he first gets scanned, in a chamber on Pathos-II, having no idea what is going on and that he will undertake the mission of saving humanity, digitalized as scans on a virtual world called the Ark.

He travels from site to site, from one laboratory to another just to discover the horrifying truth that went on this facility. At certain points the story gets really dramatic, you have dialogues with deeper meanings, you have to take the lives of certain robots who don’t even realize that are not human anymore, you kill the last human that was alive at that time.

SOMA maintains the well-known atmosphere from all the Frictional games, an eerie, creepy, dark and sad atmosphere. But apart from the rest of the games, SOMA deals with more surreal elements, metal being mingled with organic material and having the ability to grow and infest beings and objects.

The soundtrack was composed by Mikko Tarmia and it is very beautiful. From dark themes to very pleasant ones they help developing SOMA’s story. He also did the soundtrack for the Penumbra Trilogy and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

The puzzles are very easy to solve. I only got blocked once at some laboratory where you start an Ark simulation and I wasn’t paying enough attention when loading the Dummy, but eventually I got it. I really try not to use walk-throughs when playing games. Last time I went into one was when I was blocked in Metro 2033 and I really hated after seeing how simple it was to move on with the game. Also I needed a walk-through back when I played Syberia. And that’s it with the walk-throughs :)))

Soma 2015-12-19 19-04-42-02

The game uses a lot of dark tones and some bright lights and colors to define your direction or interaction points. You can listen to various radio transmissions or recordings, you can read journals, e-mails and notes from the staff of Pathos-II that really help making the story incredible. The voice acting is well-done, especially at moments when Simon gets really frustrated or annoyed by what is happening.

All-in-all SOMA is a very good, dramatic, bone-chilling experience. I played it twice, once because I was just mesmerized by it being released and the second time to save screenshots and carefully listen to all the story, for details, since I am into knowing all about the games I play.

I highly recommend it.


Venture forth, if you dare, into the dark heart of Transylvania, where creatures of the night lurk in the shadows. Inspired by Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula, this musical opus truly embodies the mysterious land of vampires, witches and werewolves. The seductive and sinister sounds range from haunting piano, violin and harpsichord melodies to creepy pipe organs and tolling bells. Wailing spirits lend their ghostly voices to several tracks while gothic choirs soar to unearthly crescendos. Sinister voices echo from the crypt as vampires beckon you further into their lair. Witches tell tales of dark things that prowl the night, wolves howl beneath the full moon, bats screech and flutter, and stone guardians warn unwary trespassers to beware.

Song: Nocturne (Track 13)
Band: Nox Arcana
Album: Transylvania