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Argue [horror poem]

This darkened rain that pours so soft,

This day of war and cruelty…

One gallon – blood is coughed

And death sings continuity.

A lovely, white-pale corpse

Of former lover – mine,

Just sits and rots, decaying works;

One gallon – red mulled wine.


I take a sip, I lose my mind,

My temper; devils dwell.

Inside my brain, my darkness’ faith –

My home, sweet home – hell.

A house of bones, the card of death,

A room filled with disaster;

I friended vipers and neglect,

Becoming murder-master.


And now at the beggining

Of my eternal end –

Damnation is the key.

Our love was sick,

You lie down dead

And I am lost – but free.



Manga Madness: Higurashi no naku koro ni – Onikakushi-hen – Chapter 1

Manga Madness will be a series of articles in which I will be reviewing the manga I read. I am not really into reading manga – I prefer watching the anime – but there are a few stories that I really enjoyed and I want to get more into these stories.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Higurashi no naku koro ni began as a murder mystery themed visual novel. Manga adaptations came after, and then it was serialized as an anime show. Other products, games and collectibles were released through the years having the same concept.

I watched the first two seasons and some of the specials released, listened to the soundtracks hundreds of times – and I began to believe Higurashi (the whole idea and products that came afterwards) were really meant for me. My girlfriend says I’m crazy.. am I? 😀

So.. currently I am re-watching the second season – Higurashi no naku koro ni kai – and I began reading the manga as well. The first Volume – first chapter is a question arc.


– released in Japanese on 22 December 2002

– released in English on 18 November 2008

– drawings by Karin Suzuragi

As an introductory chapter of the series – we are welcomed to Hinamizawa – apparently a place untouched by the monstrous reality of life – a quiet, natural and undisturbed place.

We meet the characters Maebara Keiichi, Ryuguu Rena, Sonozaki Mion, Furude Rika, Houjo Satoko and the other characters that are helping in the completion of the story.

Little by little Keichii discovers that this place isn’t as peaceful as it seems. He asks questions about the history of the village and he intercepts, at first,  minor changes in the answers he gets. Because a good way to find out something is by seeking answers yourself, he comes across some old newspapers and printed articles where he discovers the horrifying truth that went on in Hinamizawa. There was a series of murders and unexplained disappearances which everyone tries to hide from him. Reasons? Little by little he finds himself doubting everything and everyone.

A good start for a mystery manga. It slowly develops a tense atmosphere. Drawings are good and because I already know the story I say it is impressive.


The Executioner [review]

Before I begin, let me state some things about my personality. I’ve always been fascinated by prisons and the whole act of redemption. I never been to prison and I PRAY that I’ll never end up there, but still, I have my compassion and affection for those who lose their freedom.

The Executioner is a Korean prison-themed movie, that revolves around the act of the death penalty.

Working in a prison has both good and bad consequences. Bad because you always have to protect yourself and you have to go to work, without knowing for sure that today could be your last day on Earth.

Good – could be because of the essence of your work, bringing bad guys in the situation of realizing that they should change and let their dark side dissolve.

Being the new employee it’s always hard. Everybody expects too much from you, and most of them will get in your way just to feel a little sick pleasure.

Being a new guardian it’s a tough job. But that’s not what the movie really meant to present.

Around Christmas – the prison receives the order of executing three prisoners. Nobody was put to death for a period of 12 years, so this odd and disturbing job will bring nothing good. There are no significant amounts of gore in this film, because the producers and the screen-writer concentrated on characters and their illustration.

When put to choose someone to execute the inmates, nobody thinks that this would suit them. Among the convicts that will be killed, there is an old-harmless man that became a close friend to the man that will kill him.

But not all inmates deserve mercy or pity. One character that would do anything to cut you to pieces makes you believe in the true nature of the death penalty.

The drama intensifies as the moment of the executions approaches. Now we will see the true faces of those put to kill others. And surprise! some of them are just made for that job.

A very touching story, with a great soundtrack and a sad atmosphere. A truly great movie.