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Warcraft Official Trailer

June 2016 is the official date for the release of an epic journey into a fantastic world, a live action adaptation of Blizzard’s hit game Warcraft.

Under the motto: Two Worlds. One home we will have the chance to enter the battle between Orcs and Humans, visiting places that were depicted in the games. Directed by Duncan Jones, Warcraft: The Beginning looks promising.


Review: After Hours

I don’t usually go with watching comedies – but exceptions are sometimes good – especially if the movies are a bit older than yourself and are coming from big-hit directors. Scorsese’s After Hours is a twist, a dark trip throughout a night in the possessed Manhattan – where everything good might go wrong without any established reason.

After-Hours-poster-2A tale about a computer programmer who finds himself attracted to the luxurious sinful lifestyle that rises from beyond the night’s darkness.

He meets a young – desirable blonde who will make him look for her. Ending up at her place – he will discover a series of puzzling truths that will soon unfold the movie’s entire uniqueness.

Structured as a adventure without a proper final destination – this film is presenting a world of unimaginable strangeness. Nothing is what it seems – what it should be.

A strange series of actions and characters will fill our protagonist’s cup of wanting to know more. He will become involved in bizarre phenomenon – and he will be mistaken for what he is not.

At the end of the night he will surely want to erase/format all these adventurous phrases from his head – as he ends up at work being all worked-up. But he survives – presented as a theme for what you should do with your spare time.Rosanna Arquette

Starring Griffin Dunne and Rosanna Arquette the movie won the Best Director Award at the 1986 edition of the Cannes Film festival.

The Lost Thing: Perceptions

So, this morning I watched a beautiful short animated movie that was featured this year in an animated movie festival in my city not long ago. “The Lost Thing” is quite an amazing visual experience – offering 15 minutes of film delight.

Directors/Writers: Andrew Ruhemann, Shaun Tan.

Producer: Sophie Byrne.

Cast: Tim Minchin.

“The Lost Thing” is the story of a boy that discovers an unusual looking creature. Thing is that he is the only one interested in it. Nobody else seems to notice its presence.

Now – because of this social indifference – the boy will try to find out what’s with his new friend and from where it came. The movie will point his actions of trying to solve this mystery. In the end we will visit a world full of new and exciting apparitions – a world of cultural fantasy where unique elements exist.

The theme of telling the story of something that is just “lost” without a proper reason can be viewed as a notion of modern-day mentality. Even if we have the big and red creature – nobody seems interested in it – cuz they are occupied with other aspects of their lives. The movie offers a colorful world – filled with futuristic structures. Almost like an indie-game, this Universe need interaction.

Dog Pound: Rage, Aggression And Spirit

Extreme situations makes the human being to act in various ways. When incarcerated, a person can find his true-self, ready to risk everything for a natural order of things.

Dog Pound reveals the stories of three trouble-making minors that end up in a correctional center. One for assault, one for theft and the last one for possession of illegal substances.

We have some funny moments, dramatic ones and action – all mixed up to create a good movie. When fighting is the scene’s theme – this movie cannot disappoint. Brutal yet smart, this film offers the image of a correctional institution where the right ways are not properly propagated.

The conflict with the others is inevitable. When the riot starts – we receive the image of a raged animal, which cannot believe in anything else than aggression. Fighting is evil, yet is is used almost permanently in this world.

Dog Pound talks about many things including the alteration of the relationships with friends and family, illegal activities in prisons, racial conflicts, inexperienced prison guards, responsibility and a link between the work action and personal life.

It’s complete story about different people. We are seeing what they think, what they want and what they need. Freedom is among those wishes.

Sanctum – Review

If you like adventure movies, you should check this out. From the executive producer James Cameron comes Sanctum.

A nearly impossible system of caves gets explored by a team in the hopes of finding the other end of it. With flooded passages and dangerous subterranean rivers, the only way to continue is down.

This cave is the only places left unexplored – that’s why the divers get so excited about it. But soon they’ll discover that this adventure comes with a price.

When communication with the outside world is cut due to a tropical storm – some of them will try to get to surface. But because the amount of water that comes down will not permit them to leave, they’ll have to find another exit point.

Accidents occur, people die, everything is getting disastrous. The few that remained are starting to lose hope. Their source of light gets low – but they have to struggle to survive.

A lot of underwater landscapes depicted in this production – a great image of the natural elements, described in their essence – raw and furious.

Silent Hill

Amazing. Neurotic. Inspiring. Abstractly complexed. And not just only that.

Silent Hill is the type of movie/videogame that can change your perspective upon things.

This Universe is so well-created that it can create dizziness in your subconscious.

Silent Hill is a ghost town, a place where the Darkness dwells, where evil feelings can conquer and manipulate the surroundings.

Because it has Japanese origins, the Silent Hill media contains themes like dramatic deaths of the innocents, sadistic and brutally torture conditions and of course bizarre entities that cannot control themselves.

I played a part of the first Silent Hill game and it was pretty impressive.

But what I love the most about Silent Hill is the unique soundtrack collection. Music never sounded this good…hot tracks of creepiness, hearing disgust and emotional inflicted melodies. And of course that piano elements are to be found everywhere.

Silent Hill is the story of survival in a ghastly exploration of a demonic small city. Faith, hope, desperation and fear. Just enjoy all of them.

The Executioner [review]

Before I begin, let me state some things about my personality. I’ve always been fascinated by prisons and the whole act of redemption. I never been to prison and I PRAY that I’ll never end up there, but still, I have my compassion and affection for those who lose their freedom.

The Executioner is a Korean prison-themed movie, that revolves around the act of the death penalty.

Working in a prison has both good and bad consequences. Bad because you always have to protect yourself and you have to go to work, without knowing for sure that today could be your last day on Earth.

Good – could be because of the essence of your work, bringing bad guys in the situation of realizing that they should change and let their dark side dissolve.

Being the new employee it’s always hard. Everybody expects too much from you, and most of them will get in your way just to feel a little sick pleasure.

Being a new guardian it’s a tough job. But that’s not what the movie really meant to present.

Around Christmas – the prison receives the order of executing three prisoners. Nobody was put to death for a period of 12 years, so this odd and disturbing job will bring nothing good. There are no significant amounts of gore in this film, because the producers and the screen-writer concentrated on characters and their illustration.

When put to choose someone to execute the inmates, nobody thinks that this would suit them. Among the convicts that will be killed, there is an old-harmless man that became a close friend to the man that will kill him.

But not all inmates deserve mercy or pity. One character that would do anything to cut you to pieces makes you believe in the true nature of the death penalty.

The drama intensifies as the moment of the executions approaches. Now we will see the true faces of those put to kill others. And surprise! some of them are just made for that job.

A very touching story, with a great soundtrack and a sad atmosphere. A truly great movie.