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Photography: Chris Gomez

Chris Gomez is a full-time California based photographer whose style exceeds the vintage definition of pin-up photography by the use of various themes that help transforming this genre into something more transcendental.

Futuristic elements, macabre tones, dark colors but also vivid ones are put all-together in order to bring out in bold relief beautiful contrasts and the uniqueness of each model.

Some photos might seem simple in composition – the ones who are just plainly presenting beauty, but some, due to the high amount of descriptive visual notions are offering deeper, abstract messages – reminding us that this is a curious fluctuation of art.

For more of his work you can visit his Facebook page.

“Corpse-like” model used by H&M

The H&M clothing boutique in London is being criticized for using a “corpse-like” model for the new Marni collection.

The image of Aymeline Valade – a french model – presents her with dark eyes, hollow cheeks and pale-nuanced skin. Obviously they find this image unhealthy, sending toxic messages and not inspiring beauty.

But I think otherwise, since all we know that being skinny is a rule in the modeling world. It’s just a different representation of what the idea means – and not all are embracing it. They see this as a meaning for making the population getting into bad habits that ruin the personal moral and physical image. It is exaggerated.