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Argue [horror poem]

This darkened rain that pours so soft,

This day of war and cruelty…

One gallon – blood is coughed

And death sings continuity.

A lovely, white-pale corpse

Of former lover – mine,

Just sits and rots, decaying works;

One gallon – red mulled wine.


I take a sip, I lose my mind,

My temper; devils dwell.

Inside my brain, my darkness’ faith –

My home, sweet home – hell.

A house of bones, the card of death,

A room filled with disaster;

I friended vipers and neglect,

Becoming murder-master.


And now at the beggining

Of my eternal end –

Damnation is the key.

Our love was sick,

You lie down dead

And I am lost – but free.



All Alone: Review

All Alone” is a metaphor for leaving the crowded city and escaping into the nature’s welcoming arms. From the very first minute of the film we see that the action can be more fluent somewhere different than a “diseased” urban location.

It is an indie film, where lots of dialogue encourage the evolution of the characters, which express themselves freely, standing up for their opinions but also having the nerve to built blockages that could “hurt” others.

Maggie and her husband Ben are nothing more than a normal family, sharing ideals and resolving conflicts together. As some would say – characters built to follow a normal relational pattern.

On the other hand we have Alex and Kyle – family friends – but touched by the mirage of falseness. Two contradictorial couples decide to spend some quality time in the middle of nowhere, where they can empower their relationships, having to deal with each other through action and talking. Continue reading