Sakura -Japan in the Box-

The Meijiza Theater from Tokyo has a history of 140 years of art performing. People had enjoyed different forms of acting throughout the Meiji, Taisho, Showa and the Heisei Eras. Kabuki shows but also newer forms of theater are shown to the public. And recently a new idea and an innovative form of acting can… Continue reading Sakura -Japan in the Box-


Photography: Hiroshima

The warm colored sky, the tranquility emanated from the water's liquid mirror and the persisting nuances of the monuments - symbols describing the most beautiful part of a culture - traditionalism - something that never grows old, never gets disfigured by time's progression and pressure. Japan offers many interesting and beautiful locations, both natural and… Continue reading Photography: Hiroshima

Kurofune: The Black Ships

I invite you to a history lesson since you probably don't know well enough this fact. The kurofune or the black ships [as they were called] were the names given to Western vessels that arrived on Japanese territory in the 16th and 19th century. The carrack [picture left] was a battle and exploring vessel created… Continue reading Kurofune: The Black Ships