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The Ritual – Conceptual Review


In the Norse mythology there are various numbers of Gods and Goddesses – that according to the ancient stories touched these lands and left behind tales of greatness and also despair.

In a time when information was immortalized on runes and pieces of wood, leather and even weapons – there were worshipers who – more or less – chose a path to describe their own personality. Their stories circulated orally from generation to generation but soon – with the development of writing and using collections of papers to comprise a certain genre of written work – books about their culture and mythology began to appear.

In movies we mostly see those who worship an ancient God that is evil, demands sacrifices and human slaves. Can’t say it isn’t catchy…

Netflix’s “The Ritual” brings forth one of these kinds of stories. After a tragic incident – 4 old friends decide to remember their lost partner by going hiking in the untouched lands of Northern Sweden.

There are some scenes that describe the beauty of the Northern Europe which are simply breathtaking. The mist above the old forests, the colors of the painted ancient hills and rocks, the vastness of natural formations, you almost feel like belonging there.

After deciding to take a shortcut through the forests – they end up in a wooden house where they discover a pagan altar – which not only seems totally wrong – but induces notes of black magic. Throughout the ages – the Nordic people used sea magic, dream magic, military magic and other genres which were required at a certain point. Above all – magic was used to perform incantations that were meant to bring positiveness and high energies into the shaping of their destinies.

“The Ritual” tells another story. Being in the same cabin with the altar – the forces there are able to enter their minds and by recreating their worst nightmares – takes over their fears.

The movies is constructed as a investigative journey – in order to find a way out of the woods. At a certain point – the deity living among the old trees reveals to them. Not only it reveals but starts hunting them as well.

It needed them to bow down and accept its greatness… as seen later in the movie. The thing about evil deities is that they have this desire to be acknowledged, to be worshiped, to be put on a pedestal, to receive offerings, have the inferior races understand its greatness.. But since it is materialized and somewhat humanized – it has its flaws and limits. It knows that it isn’t indestructible – so the creature uses manipulation to obtain power. It can’t get out of the forest- its powers are limited to the tainted collection of trees.

It is a story of survival – and it is well constructed.

As usual – Netflix brings forth another jewel for the screen. I highly recommend the movie.

Grace: The Possession

In order to make a movie involving a possession to stand out in the crowded list of movies using the theme – you really need to apply some new elements of terror. From artworks like The Exorcist or The Exorcism of Emily Rose to lowbudget films involving demonic possession there were almost the same concepts used – the innocent, pure host, the carnal desires, the strange languages spoken, the violence – and ultimately the death. Grace: The Possession – is definitely not the best possesion-themed movie made but it’s worth watching.grace1 The film has all the aspects that I listed above but it depicts them in such manner that the viewer is more absorbed into the story of the protagonist since everythings is seen through her eyes. Even the most intimate moments can be lived through Grace’s experience. Living with her grandmother wasn’t an easy job since the woman is a bit hit-in-the-head. Grace moves out to see the world – but apparently the world is too new to her and she has problems with fitting in. After a party that went wrong, her grandmother pulls her out of school and makes her live trapped in a nightmarish atmosphere. Things start to happen. Visions.. memories of other beings.. strange apparitions.. all leading to a demonic possession. The fun part about the movie is how the others see her possession as a problem that only God can cure. No doctors.. no medicine.. no other treatment but a blind faith. But sometimes not even the faith can save you. The final part of the movie will blown up your mind. It is a very interesting ending.

Area 407: Review

Area 407 also known under the title Tape 407 recreates a world where governmental biological research in a desolate area is a must-keep secret.

The second title is defined by the style used to tell the story – a teenage girl tapes her flying trip back to Los Angeles on a New Year’s Eve. Like “Blair Witch Project” or the more recent “Paranormal Activity” series, the first person perspective in this not-so-horror flick is meant to express shock and to make the footage look more vivid and closer to reality.

When the airplane crashes somewhere between destinations – and just a few people survive – it will be the time to realize that probably fate wasn’t the one to bring the luck of keeping them alive.

Members of the group suffering from post-traumatic stress, along with the heat of losing close persons will soon reveal their instabilities.

The dialogues are vague, not informational enough. They start yelling at each other, interrupting one another – it is a total chaos in the script’s pages.

Then the predators appear. Here things get more interesting since we assist at a survival technique and we feel the induced adrenaline. Probably because there are no details about what exactly is with the large reptiles in that area makes the movie a bit better than the rest of its kind. The sense of mystery links everything.

The characters are not models to follow, but they have their fair share of influential traits. It seemed to me that the movie was rushed – reflecting only the villains trying to get the survivors one-by-one.

Recommended to watch if you are into extincted predators only. Otherwise it lacks essence.