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Mr. Arashi’s Amazing Freak Show Manga Perceptions

Mr. Arashi’s Amazing Freak Show was Suehiro Maruo’s first manga work to be translated into English (by Yoko Umezawa and Laura Lindgren).

As the author says in the first chapter, this is a curious story about society’s outcasts, the world’s unwanted, the weird and the unnatural. Using surrealistic tones and lots of visual elements that describe the story’s universe – Maruo introduces us to the not-your-everyday type of stories. His grotesque, wild imagination can sometimes makes you wonder if this is the kind of manga you would read. It is sadistically violent, with gross accents and at some points if offers unbearable visual depictions of human behavior.

It is a work of fiction but at times it suggests that these drawings were inspired by true events – which denotes only that reality could be more cruel than an obsessive, explicit violent artwork.

If we are talking visual art – this is a must read work – since it has a unique style attached – making every character, every creature and every action seem surprisingly real.

Recommended only if you’re looking for something quite different from what you’ve happened to read til this moment.