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Gaming 101: Prey

Been a while since I’ve talked about games. I didn’t played as much as I wanted..probably because of lack of time and mood…but now I’m back in this bitch.

One of the greatest games that I’ve played was Prey. Now I’m playing it again.

Prey was developed by Human Head Studios and published by 2K Games. It’s that kind of Science Fiction –  First Person Shooter with Horror and Adventure elements.

You play as a Cherokee native from Oklahoma named Domasi Tawodi. You are quite the character – you don’t believe in the ancestors’ heritage and legends. You want to flee and never get back to the reservation where you’re living at the moment. But your plan will not work out because strange things are about to happen.

Strange noises and lights coming from the sky – a sign that something is going to destroy the natural order of things. And guess what – you’re abducted by some sort of alien species and end up on a huge spacecraft called the Sphere. The battle for survival is about to begin.

Now the real fun begins – as you start encountering the “unique traits” of this new world. At first your weapon of choice is a wrench, that dirty tool that became popular in many productions [note: play Half Life: Blue Shift].

Things are a little bit taken to the extreme on this organic alien spaceship. Everything that is brought here has the purpose to be used or consumed. We see strange devices that are literally mashing up people – in order to obtain bloody nutriments. Other people are used as mindless slaves or warriors that will attack you back if startled.

One thing that marked this world as interesting are the special environment elements like wall-walk magnetic routes, different gravity-challenging points, the usage of portals – all-in-all the way it was created. You can climb, you can ride, you can fly, you can access different “visual-impossible points” by using your Spirit Walk ability. If you die, you are taken to an ethereal realm where you can gain life and spirit power by hitting red and blue spirits with your Spirit Bow.

The atmosphere is exceptional – the tone, the colors, the soundtrack everything is put together to create the perfect alien ambiental theme. I just love those moments in which I have to think fast and also act fast, trying to stay alive while different creatures or devices are trying to harm and kill me.

This is what gaming really is about. A great session of discovering the truth behind the interactive fictional motivation.