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Nintendo [imported from JapFun blog]

This article was supposed to be written a long time ago… and certainly was [in 2010]. It was imported from an older blog of mine, but has a certain note that pleases me and I wanted it to be on this blog as well.

This will be about the early days of my gaming experiences. And of course that period was perfect for the Nintendo games…first games that I played.

I never owned a Sega console but a Terminator one…you know the Terminator 6.0 [most successful NES clone – having yellow cartridges].

These game consoles very pretty popular in central european countries in the 90s. I was like 8-9 years old back then…and the Terminator game console is the main reason I wear glasses these days. I fucked up my eyes staying all day long in front of the TV. Anyway…back to the subject.

I still spend many hours on gaming, but back then, gaming was something that every kid of my age was in love with. First thing I remember about gaming is that once I’ve put my hands on the console…the world was mine.

In the left you have an example of NES clone I’ve grew up with. The joypads were often poor-manufactured so every week I had to buy new ones. I think that the first game I ever played in my life was Duck Hunt [I’m not very sure]. Or it was another shooter…the one with the cowboys [hmmm]. Anyway…Shooters brought me into the world of video-games.

Next was Super Mario Bros…my all-time favourite game in the whole world. Remember that melody and the character…Mario Rocks!!!

Super Mario Bros is an arcade-action game…featuring two players: Mario and his brother Luigi. The game has 8 main levels with 4 sub-levels each.

I remember that I used to finish a game and continue with it like 3-4 times. Once you’ve completed the game..some of the enemies changed and you could play the game again. Super Mario Bros was extremely pleasant for me to play in the morning. I was up earlier than usual and immediately I was playing Mario. Funny things is that even before I started to write this article I played this game till level 7. [using an emulator of course. I do not own a NES clone anymore].

Okay…about the other games I played. Well, names like Robocop, Tank, Cobra, Tom and Jerry, Dr. Mario became very popular in no time.

A game I really enjoyed was Double Dragon 2. The fighter that you controlled was sent in missions all over the world and you had to fight and fight with many enemies. Almost each level had a BOSS. I remember that when we were out, me and some friends used to talk about how we won that level and what we did next. Kabuki, another arcade-action game was pretty cool that time. The warrior had as the main weapon his hair.

One of the games I used to play using the two-player menu was Tank. Each level had a number of enemy tanks that I had to destroy. [speaking of that I must search this game an play it again].

Besides the joypads..the Terminator game console had a pistol. Games like Duck Hunt and the other two western-themed shooters were played with this pistol.

Because the games weren’t originals but all of them pirated, they came in with a message: 999,999 in 1. Most of them were the same games with just a little bit of modification. Mario for example…had a Godmode game, a flying type game, limited lives and so on.

We used to borrow games from one another. I remember receiving a tennis game when I shared my Fifa ’98. Fifa got me from the first match I ever played. Spending many hours on this game was like a daily ritual for me. I was too good to lose a match.

Another game I loved was something related to a Ninja warrior. I had to climb up buildings and kill other ninjas.

Anyway…those happy moments are gone…only thing that I can do right now is to revive those games with emulators [something that I’ll surely do].

My childhood was great…and I fucking miss it!

Games I’ve Played – Part I – Forgotten Treasures On Old Consoles

From an early age I was attracted to virtual worlds.. fantasy worlds that unleashed the craziest ideas the human mind can create.

Through the limitless boundaries of imagination, various people, entrepreneurs of creativity put ideas together to obtain some of the best productions of the digital age.

I don’t clearly remember at what age I played my first video-game but I remember the hours of fun and joy I had.61fF2JW5QpL._SL1024_

My first consoles were the Brick Game console, a Terminator and a Sega console. The Brick Game had 9999 variations of a few games. The classic tetris, snake, tank battles, car racing, crossing platforms, building while shooting bullets and a various selection of other different games.

The Terminator console and the SEGA one were my favorite hobbies at that time. I played games like Contra, Kabuki, Street Fighter, various Mario games, Tank 2000, FIFA 95, Double Dragon, Robocop, Tom & Jerry, The Jungle Book, a Samurai game that I can’t find anywhere which was my favorite. I also had a pistol for games like Duck Hunt and Wild Gunman. From there – my passion for first person shooters started to be shaped :)).

Another console was something I found into a MCDonald’s Happy Meal menu – a small device that had only one game, with Knuckles from Sonic – The Hedgehog series.

71oKJwn38ZL._SL1075_Knuckles Soccer is a handheld LCD game distributed as a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy for a limited time in 2003. This was one of six such games. In Knuckles Soccer, the player takes control of Knuckles the Echidna as he protects his goal from oncoming soccer balls, courtesy of Dr. Robotnik. After catching ten balls, Knuckles will progress to the next level where the speed increases. If Knuckles misses five balls in the same level, the game ends. There are five levels total. Knuckles Soccer was one of the four McDonald’s LCD games available for free in the Sega area of E3 2003 in Los Angeles, California. In the SEGA area, there was a large Sonic Happy Meal Box with holes in the top, allowing visitors to reach in and receive a free LCD game.

I remember spending hours and hours in front of the TV playing all the worlds in Mario and then replaying them on another difficulty until I saved 4 or 5 princesses in a row. In Tank I was playing with my uncle in battles against each other or creating maps. Fifa was another incredible experience. I was battling all the teams and of course I was beating them all. Duck Hunting was my breakfast and I remember being absorbed when I found the brain-boss in Contra.

While in primary school, we would find ourselves skipping classes to go to a bar where there were some devices like slots machines, some arcades where we could play Rambo and King of Fighters ’97.

Oh..such distant memories, yet so fresh and appealing.

[next article.. java, symbian, android games that I’ve played]

Android Games: Super Hot Trigger


There is something that the Android First Person Shooter games offer in exchange for your time and that is a lot of screams and insults. That’s right. I’ve played almost every FPS game on Android I could find but this one is very different. It is good, unique and has a few moments of hardened difficulty. And I entered a few stages of rage mode :))

Super Hot Trigger is developed by Swift Apps LLC.  As said on Google Play:

First person shooter where you can control time. Defeat your enemies and use time to your advantage. Use multiple weapons, explore huge levels and master your skills to complete deadly missions!

– Advanced slow-motion mechanics
– Mesmerizing 3D environment
– Cutting edge graphics
– Massive and challenging levels
– Variety of extreme weapons
– Easy controls and smooth gameplay

When you’re standing still the time moves very slowly but if you make just a little move the time immediately speeds up. When you’re shooting you’re also speeding the time up so be very careful.

To move in any direction you have to use joystick in the bottom left corner. To look around you can swipe anywhere on the screen. If you want to shoot just use button in bottom right corner. Pause button is situated in the top left corner.

You’ll be amazed by top notch graphics including real time light effects, laser sharp animations and destructible environment. The graphics quality will be automatically detected for your device, however you can change it in the settings menu. To visit settings click the screw button in bottom left corner in main menu scene.


The graphics look decent. There are two main categories of levels. One – in which you have to take down a certain number of enemies – or plasma soldiers – as they are represented through the game and the second type which is more like a run for an exit – in which you have to find the portal and go through it – if you survive the attacks of your foes.

There is one level in which you will continue to climb up a ladder and take out enemies while a magmatic field is filling up the room you are in. The best point of this game is the time controller. As you move, the time moves faster. If you find yourself standing and looking for your way out – it will slow down. There are various weapons to choose from and a total of 12 levels.

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Can I Get A Hello There

So what’s up people? How have you been? I’ve been really busy (being dead – quoting GLaDOS) with work and other stuff and it seems I neglected a little bit this blog. And I really missed it. But I am back with new articles. That being said let’s get down to business.

I’ve been playing some games almost everyday. It is a ritual for me to dwell into fantasy and stuff and let go reality to vanish itself into thin air.

I experimented with a lot of Android games and also PC games and seen a lot of movies. I am trying to make some lists with everything I’ve watched over the years and also with the games I’ve played.

That will be a bit of hard work and remembering everything is not quite possible. I’ve made notes on the last movies I’ve watched and studied a bit the lists on the internet with the released DVDs  and maybe I can get a pretty decent list of what I’ve seen. I will begin working on this list on Monday since I am at work 12 hours because my colleague is celebrating the Hungarian Easter and he is at home – getting drunk or whatever. Also yesterday I’ve installed on my PC at work the HD version of Age of Empires II – and I want to complete the single player mode.

So being at work will not be as bad as some thought it to be :))

Anyways.. this kinda sums it up. There are a few reviews of games and movies I will present in the next few days. Enjoy. Peace!

Android Games: Storm of Knight


When I am not playing PC games, you can find me in bed with my tablet in my hands browsing through Android games on various sites.

Today I played Storm of Knight, a 2D online turn-based RPG. At first it is just another clone of League of Angels, with cartoonish graphics and turn-based combat set into a fantasy world where you fight villains. But after playing a couple of hours, new features are added to the gameplay, lots of them.


You go through different locations and fight monsters into completing quests. There are several ways to increase your power and level up:

Instance mode – normal, elite, trial, beast altar, treasure hunter, brave tower, angel and evil.

Challenge mode – arena, grimoire war, rob slave, hero expedition, the powerful king.

Events – various solo and team events.

Daily and achievement quests.

You can increase your character’s powers by obtaining loot and equipment in battles or buying from the shop, using runes to buy stuff in the exchange shop or just visiting the black market.

I currently have four characters. In the hero section you can level up, stage up (increase their powers using star-sacred souls – which look like a one-star dragon ball), you can change your formation and also recruit new characters.

Darkstep – main – level 23 – CP 17767


– Bronze necklace – M. Atk. +125, P. Atk. +125

– Bronze ring – M. Atk. +125, P. Atk. +125

– Bronze edge (sword) – M. Atk. +166, P. Atk. +166

– Bronze armor – HP +499

– Bronze trousers – HP +374, P. Def. +177


Sky strike – attacks single target in the front row with extra 150 damage and gains 8 mana.

Revenge blade – attacks single target in the front row twice with extra 150 damage using 12 mana.

God:  Phoenix blade – deals great damage on single target with extra 2100 damage, using 40 mana.

God’s punishment – attacks all enemies with extra 400 damage, using 18 mana.

Moon Chanter (Support) – level 30 – CP 4760

Skills: Moon Chord II – attacks random single target in the front row, causing 110% damage; Killer Rhapsody II – increases all teammates’ 15% + 100 attack for 3 rounds; Light of Stars I – passively increases 10% M. Atk.

Flame Princess (Magic) – level 27 – CP 4103

Skills: Frost Flame II – attacks random single target in the front row causing 110% damage; Monster Killer – attacks 3 random targets causing 50% + 30% damage; Magic Net I – passively increases 3% CRT. probability.

Holy Knight-S (Defense) – level 25 – CP 3365

Skills: Justice Hit II – attacks random single target in the front row, causing 110% damage; Divine Gift II – attacks enemy and recovers 12% + 600 self HP.

The gameplay is repetitive, it is fast-paced, easy to learn and easy to play. It doesn’t have a main story, just various dialogues about the world the game takes place in. I would say it is good for playing once, just to change the games you are playing. It has an anime-style representation of characters and I think that is the only reason I chose it.

Rated 2/5.

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