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Prey – Game Guide – Part 1.0.

So I am back on working articles on this blog. And – since lately I’ve been playing some games – which I am really enjoying – I wanted to start another series of articles – guides – for one of the games I fell in love with.

The so called reboot of the 2006 game Prey. 1465797909-prey-logo

But since people call it a reboot – the game is nothing similar to the previous game sharing the same name. You can only find similarities in the name and the presence of alien creatures that invaded the in-game world.

Developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, Prey takes you on a journey on the space station named Talos I. As in many games out there – you find yourself on an abandoned facility, filled with corpses of the crew members, creatures that attack you and disastrous conditions.

Talos I has multiple areas that can be explored in order to complete missions, search clues, read emails and notes, find supplies and ammo.


As a first-person perspective game, Prey lets you to interact with the world around you. The protagonist – which you can choose to be a male of a female – wakes up on a Monday, date March 15th 2032. You wake up in your room and you receive a phone-call from your brother regarding some tests you have to complete.

You receive your first quest- First Day On The Job.

Prey 2017-07-04 12-15-31-94

Arriving at the testing area you discover that some sort of alien form is present among the crew members, called Mimics. Thing is, after this event, you once again wake up at the same location, date being the same. You discover that this was all a lie – your room and the space around you being just simulation labs. Your role in exploring and finding out what is really happening begins here.

I currently completely a few other quests like:

I still have some problems with finding key-cards and entering restricted areas – but this is one of the fun things about Prey – you can explore and solve quests as you want, taking your time and finding clues everywhere. One thing I like about the game is that it tells you the amount of time spend playing – like in those fascinating JRPGs, in which you explore and battle creatures over and over to develop and level up your characters. In Prey you can find chip-sets to evolve your suit, neuromodes to gain abilities, chip-sets to improve your weapons and many other things.

Prey 2017-07-06 09-11-58-02
I spend almost 10 hours exploring the space station and battling Mimics and Phantoms and Corrupted machinery. So this guide-article will continue with part 2.0. in which I will talk about neuromods, technologies, recycle systems and other things you can do in Prey.

[to be continued]



Wii: ZombiU For Wii U

Ubisoft created a first person shooter for the 3DS console in which the player can use various types of weapons and melee attacks to survive the zombie hordes that invaded London. The graphics present a very realistic survival horror game recreating Great Britain under the siege of mindless corpses. Great action involved in this one.

Gaming 101: Prey

Been a while since I’ve talked about games. I didn’t played as much as I wanted..probably because of lack of time and mood…but now I’m back in this bitch.

One of the greatest games that I’ve played was Prey. Now I’m playing it again.

Prey was developed by Human Head Studios and published by 2K Games. It’s that kind of Science Fiction –  First Person Shooter with Horror and Adventure elements.

You play as a Cherokee native from Oklahoma named Domasi Tawodi. You are quite the character – you don’t believe in the ancestors’ heritage and legends. You want to flee and never get back to the reservation where you’re living at the moment. But your plan will not work out because strange things are about to happen.

Strange noises and lights coming from the sky – a sign that something is going to destroy the natural order of things. And guess what – you’re abducted by some sort of alien species and end up on a huge spacecraft called the Sphere. The battle for survival is about to begin.

Now the real fun begins – as you start encountering the “unique traits” of this new world. At first your weapon of choice is a wrench, that dirty tool that became popular in many productions [note: play Half Life: Blue Shift].

Things are a little bit taken to the extreme on this organic alien spaceship. Everything that is brought here has the purpose to be used or consumed. We see strange devices that are literally mashing up people – in order to obtain bloody nutriments. Other people are used as mindless slaves or warriors that will attack you back if startled.

One thing that marked this world as interesting are the special environment elements like wall-walk magnetic routes, different gravity-challenging points, the usage of portals – all-in-all the way it was created. You can climb, you can ride, you can fly, you can access different “visual-impossible points” by using your Spirit Walk ability. If you die, you are taken to an ethereal realm where you can gain life and spirit power by hitting red and blue spirits with your Spirit Bow.

The atmosphere is exceptional – the tone, the colors, the soundtrack everything is put together to create the perfect alien ambiental theme. I just love those moments in which I have to think fast and also act fast, trying to stay alive while different creatures or devices are trying to harm and kill me.

This is what gaming really is about. A great session of discovering the truth behind the interactive fictional motivation.


Gaming 101: Half Life 2

Probably one of the best stories ever created was offered by Valve through Half Life in 1998.

A different perspective upon science, technology, war and fantasy – the one who led us into the unimaginative was no other but Gordon Freeman. This character became an icon, a hero among heroes and Valve was thinking about expanding his story with sequels to the original game.

Today we’re talking Half Life 2.

I guess that Freeman is an unwelcomed guest everywhere he goes.

Right after G-Man orders you to Rise and Shine, because the wrong man in the right place can make all the differences, you enter City 17.

Your adventure begins after you meet up with Barney and get chased by the Civil Protection. Feels like a deja vu ain’t it…

New characters along with old ones, new enemies and new exciting adventures. Half Life 2 is about…science, as we all know it. In the beginning you’ll have to visit Dr. Kleiner’s lab and use the ageless portal, now with some modifications. And of course that something must go wrong and you end up in another place than the right one. That’s okay..it’s just the way things go here with all Black Mesa personnel.

The first weapon you get is the…crowbar, the one which made the original game famous.

Most of the HL2 weapons are new concepts of the old ones. Pistol – USP Match, .357 Magnum, Shotgun – SPAS 12, Sub-Machine Gun – MP7, Crossbow and so. There are also significant changes in the enemy line. New units along with the old ones: headcrabs, zombies, barnacles, ant-lions, scanners, man-hacks, hunting-choppers, gunships and other elements.

Everything is put in order to create an extraordinary action environment. Half Life 2 is based on combat, and less on how to think your way through. Of course that are some occasions in which you can use your head to think of something useful. For example, in Route Kanal, you have many barnacles waiting on the ceilings. Using a barrel with a flammable substance can help you get rid of them.

Some different example could be the use of the Gravity Gun, to obtain a battery in order to open up a passage in Sandtraps.

Another interesting fact is being able to control ant-lions. Organize your ant-lion army and make it attack anything.

If I must describe the game in just one word – it would be awesome.