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Pandemonium Crypt Obscure [Horror Poem]

Pandemonium. Crypt obscure.

Wetlands, woods, a night that bleeds…

Sick ignition. Flame that’s sure.

Hell is spawning blackened seeds.

It goes viral. Goes insane!

Lumière. Your dark. My madness.

That are worms that breath out strain,

Drowned-out truth is fading essence.

Crystal balls. And rituals…

Nothing ever mattered here.

Breathing coal – habitual,

These are cubes in shapes of sphere.

Look at me! And taste the blade.

Morning mist. Ascent descending,

Early death but rotting late,

Taking smiles but sorrow sending.

Are you here? Or I am dreamt?

Cry non-existentialism. Deform!

This is nothing. It was meant.

You. In blood. The guilt. My storm.


Photography: The Real Heroes

They say heroes only exist in fiction works and that this world never accepted the true meaning of the concept. I say heroes are those who manage to accept themselves as being useful to the surrounding elements and people. Creativity, goodness and morality makes you a hero.

Original Story: Past Midnight [Part 1]

A short story called Past Midnight. Right now I’m just experimenting with some ideas but this will be written more elaborated in Romanian and I will try to get it published. Because English is my second language – creating literature isn’t my best point. But still…I want to write this.

“Finally..awake” that’s what crossed my mind when I tried to open my eyes.

The bright light from that room wasn’t much of a help for me, instead it created a barrier between what I should see and what I should understand. One thing that I was certain of was the deadly silence. Nothing disturbed my hearing.

After inspecting everything around me I realized that I was trapped into a nightmare, that some dark force brought me into suffering and misery. I was captive in a room without doors or windows. Only four white walls to keep me company…

Also there was a large mirror and apparently a locked safe, resting without worries while my subconscious started to force me into panic. I wasn’t sure which was creepier..the fact that I was sealed into a room without escape or the fact that soon – the air in here will vanish and I’ll die suffocated.

“Okay…first things first…do not panic” I told myself.

“There must be a logical explanation for this. Yes…logic and its mysteries. I’m in the middle of a puzzle and salvation rests within its solution”.

The mirror could help me get in touch with something. Apparently it can help me see myself – I am the key element. But the safe…that’s another problem. I have no idea what the combination might be and honestly I fear what might be inside of it.

Minute after minute I walked across the room trying to remember what lead me to this place and condition. Because I couldn’t answer that I started to look for clues.

“I know you’re there watching over me. Just what did you left behind for me to find? What’s your plan?”.

But nothing…there was nothing that got into my attention. No symbols, no written signs, nothing.

“Goddamn. Why am I here in the first place…what is the meaning of this”. My patience was at a limit. I fell down and started to scream.

“It would be impossible for me to find an exit without help. It can’t end like this…I shouldn’t be here”. Of course this was a cliche used by the guilty. Nothing is random, everything is meant to fit into it’s original place. Me resting withing this chamber was a way of destiny saying welcome home.

So I decided to take things from the beginning. There were three subjects in this room – a symbolic number probably. First, the mirror – a reflection of something…yes…a representation of truth.

“Mirror’s don’t lie. If there is an answer..only the mirror could offer it to me. Obviously there is something I’m not aware of, something I didn’t noticed yet”.

Secondly – the safe. An enigma. A locked safe always carries something important, crucial, vital.

“Information or probably a helpful tool, I don’t, but I have to find out. If the safe it’s here – I must find the code to open it”.

A codebreaker – a new definition for my person. I never thought that this would bring a significance to my life. Well if the safe contains means of survival then I must open it.

I started to feel thirsty which was a bad sign since I had no water with me. I had to work fast on this enigma before the lack of food and water would cause hallucinations. With a sense of justice imprinted in my brain I approached the mirror carefully. This was where the mystery began…right here I was supposed to find the escape route.

The only thing I could see was my reflection – my red, tired eyes, my face trying to decipher an existential puzzle, my hands shaking because of natural curiosity.

“Well…tell me what to do” I said to myself. But there was no reply…

[to be continued…]