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1 Litre of Tears [imported from JapFun blog]

[so.. I know it is a lame ass idea to import stuff from an older blog, but some of these articles I wrote were very important to me, so I want them to be on this blog as well]

J-dorama or simply japanese drama.

One of the best j-dramas ever made is 1 litre of tears. After watching it, I read a lot of posts about this drama and it seemed that everyone who watched it was impressed.

250px-1_litre_of_tears(DVD cover-source: wikipedia.com)

1 litre of tears is presenting the case of a girl, who at the age of 15 finds out that she has an incurable disease: Spinocerebellar Degeneration. As wikipedia.com learns us, this disease is one of a group of genetic disorders characterized by slowly progressive incoordination of gait and often associated with poor coordination of hands, speech, and eye movements.

We see all the symptoms in this drama. Doctors and specialists in neurology were consulted during the making of it.

There are 11 episodes plus a special one, which tell us the sad story of Ikeuchi Aya. During these episodes we learn about the help and the obstacles she faced, her feeling towards the others and the feelings of the others about her.

This drama is based on a real case. Kito Aya [July 1962 – May 23, 1988] had this disease. During her life she wrote a diary, which was published in 1986. Aya just wrote about life, about goodness and hope. About 1.800.000 copies of her diary had been sold.

1_litre_of_tears-book(The book cover-source: wikipedia.com)

Episode List:

1- The beginning of my youth
2- 15 years old, sickness that steals up
3- Why did the illness choose me?
4- The loneliness of two
5- A disabled person’s notebook
6- Heartless glances
7- The place where I am
8- 1 Litre of Tears
9- I live now
10- Love Letter
11- Far away, to the place where tears are exhausted

And the special episode:
1 Litre of Tears: Memory

300px-Ichi_Rittoru_no_Namida(The Ikeuchi Family-from the drama)


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Warcraft Official Trailer

June 2016 is the official date for the release of an epic journey into a fantastic world, a live action adaptation of Blizzard’s hit game Warcraft.

Under the motto: Two Worlds. One home we will have the chance to enter the battle between Orcs and Humans, visiting places that were depicted in the games. Directed by Duncan Jones, Warcraft: The Beginning looks promising.

Come Back…

The clouds were somehow dancing relentlessly above my head. There were also a few spots where a crystal blue color was smiling hope. It was quiet. Too quiet. Too quiet for the shouting thoughts from my head.

I was alone. Too alone for an enormous world filled with so much life. And yet death awaits for me. Inevitable end with little care for my future.

On this island, my island, the present mingled with the past and with the de-ja vu of a shattered future.

My only treasures were the memories, the cracked reminders of my former self, the images of people I met, people I knew, I loved…

The picture of her…

Standing in the rain wearing a black dress and carrying around a rose-red umbrella. The city was all gray, lost in some sort of sad fog. Big raindrops were hitting the ground like meteorites on the surface of a barren planet. A universe without emotions…

And she was standing there waiting. But not for long. In a few seconds her image vanished. And I found myself once again stranded on a rocky island, too alone, too sick, too old and too late for a happy ending.

As I closed my eyes I whispered “Come back…”.

But she never returned…

[Inspired by the story of Dear Esther, which I replayed last night]

Miracle..on 1st Street

I saw this movie a few times – mostly because I felt like it had a great message to transmit – and part because some of my personal experience might have common points with the plot…

True stories are always shocking or sad…and this movie goes with the second one.

Life with unfortunate events – small personality – wrong choices – bad luck – whatever the fuck can ruin a person’s life – everything to depict and recreate the life in a slum near Seoul.

Poverty – one the movies theme is depicted by the need of a miracle that could save everyone from old people to youngsters.

And one man has that power  – even if at first it seems like he’s bringing nothing but trouble to that area.

A great story and like I said – best movies are always the ones that define reality – shit that happens everyday.

I guess I just had the most fucked up day if I cannot control my words right now. But that’s me – getting the rain when they get the sunshine. It’s cool dawg..anyway…it’s cool.

The Executioner [review]

Before I begin, let me state some things about my personality. I’ve always been fascinated by prisons and the whole act of redemption. I never been to prison and I PRAY that I’ll never end up there, but still, I have my compassion and affection for those who lose their freedom.

The Executioner is a Korean prison-themed movie, that revolves around the act of the death penalty.

Working in a prison has both good and bad consequences. Bad because you always have to protect yourself and you have to go to work, without knowing for sure that today could be your last day on Earth.

Good – could be because of the essence of your work, bringing bad guys in the situation of realizing that they should change and let their dark side dissolve.

Being the new employee it’s always hard. Everybody expects too much from you, and most of them will get in your way just to feel a little sick pleasure.

Being a new guardian it’s a tough job. But that’s not what the movie really meant to present.

Around Christmas – the prison receives the order of executing three prisoners. Nobody was put to death for a period of 12 years, so this odd and disturbing job will bring nothing good. There are no significant amounts of gore in this film, because the producers and the screen-writer concentrated on characters and their illustration.

When put to choose someone to execute the inmates, nobody thinks that this would suit them. Among the convicts that will be killed, there is an old-harmless man that became a close friend to the man that will kill him.

But not all inmates deserve mercy or pity. One character that would do anything to cut you to pieces makes you believe in the true nature of the death penalty.

The drama intensifies as the moment of the executions approaches. Now we will see the true faces of those put to kill others. And surprise! some of them are just made for that job.

A very touching story, with a great soundtrack and a sad atmosphere. A truly great movie.