Another: Episode 1 -Beginning of the End

So... This is a part of an older project of mine that I had in mind. Besides writing reviews to an entire anime series - I wanted to watch each episode and talk about it. I have a list of 60-something watched anime and I need to re-watch them all, and also new series and… Continue reading Another: Episode 1 -Beginning of the End


Argue [horror poem]

This darkened rain that pours so soft, This day of war and cruelty... One gallon - blood is coughed And death sings continuity. A lovely, white-pale corpse Of former lover - mine, Just sits and rots, decaying works; One gallon - red mulled wine.   I take a sip, I lose my mind, My temper;… Continue reading Argue [horror poem]

Number 13: Seeing it everywhere

So.. I wrote an article some time ago - Number 13: When You Keep Seeing It which had a lot of success and I thought it is better if I re-write it with more details and specifications, explanations and commentaries. A number. With a great signification. 13. I still encounter it on a daily basis. And -… Continue reading Number 13: Seeing it everywhere

Now My Son…

What kind of experiments does a dead doctor perform on living patients? You would say that one person that is dead, should stay dead, right? And because we are not discussing zombies here, how is that a dead person can walk, talk, even think, apparently is full of live. This is one of the themes… Continue reading Now My Son…

Grace: The Possession

In order to make a movie involving a possession to stand out in the crowded list of movies using the theme - you really need to apply some new elements of terror. From artworks like The Exorcist or The Exorcism of Emily Rose to lowbudget films involving demonic possession there were almost the same concepts… Continue reading Grace: The Possession