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Nintendo 3DS LL Available Starting With July 2012

Nintendo announced the launch of a new console – the Nintendo 3DS LL.

The new device will consist of a 4.88 inch top screen and a 4.18 inch bottom screen – larger that it’s predecessor by almost 50%. The battery life will be improved to 6.5 hours – allowing the customers to spend more on their favorite games.

Fans of the Nintendo technology will be able to choose from three different color combinations – red & black, silver & black and plain white. In Japan and Europe – the Nintendo 3DS LL will be released on 28 July, while in the US the launch date is 19 August.

The established price for the new console is 18,900 yen.

PS Vita: Gravity Rush

I stumbled upon a video of this game and well…I was impressed with what I’ve seen.

Gravity Rush [known also as Gravity Daze] is an adventure platformer coming from the creator of Silent Hill. The game is about a girl that is trying to save her future existence in a world that is destroying itself minute by minute. Below you have a reason to believe that this game will be purely awesome. The release date is February 9.