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ANONYMOUS Hacker Group And Their Reasons

It’s been decided. The ANONYMOUS hacker group that threatened Facebook last year are now saying that they will attack and close the site on January 28.

The reason – they are an online community that are at war with the Government of the United States.  They are only trying to preserve their internet rights…therefore they will have to fight. Even if  SOPA and PIPA were postponed, this community believes that these are still going to affect the internet rights.

“Our first target… Facebook… While it is true that facebook has at least 60,000 servers… It is still possible to bring it down..” is said in their OPBlackout video.

The video is also a call for those who are interested in this group’s ideas. I don’t have anything against facebook – since I use it on a regular basis. But if they will bring it down – their choice. I believe in my internet rights but I’m not going extreme over them.