Sakura -Japan in the Box-

The Meijiza Theater from Tokyo has a history of 140 years of art performing. People had enjoyed different forms of acting throughout the Meiji, Taisho, Showa and the Heisei Eras. Kabuki shows but also newer forms of theater are shown to the public. And recently a new idea and an innovative form of acting can… Continue reading Sakura -Japan in the Box-


Comic Art: Ethereal Details

I can't say I am a big fan of comics.. besides a few chapters of The Darkness and The Walking Dead - I didn't indulge myself into anything. And I hear there are a few titles worth anyone's time. Maybe I should read some. With artworks like this.. who doesn't love spiders?

Fairytale Fantasies

You all know the stories you grew up with... stories of heroes and princesses, villains and evil creatures, dramatization of the human soul, stories of hatred, love, revenge and even treachery. But have you ever seen these heroines like this?

Maken-ki! Season One. Guide

I don't usually go outside of my sphere of dark, twisted, macabre productions when choosing to watch something, especially anime, but I've seen a few shows that are totally off my pattern. It is also the case of Maken-ki! which currently I am obsessing over. The anime deals with genres like comedy, ecchi, harem, supernatural… Continue reading Maken-ki! Season One. Guide

Cosplay: Subculture Sense

There's a period in everyone's life when they decide what type of personality will they make public - what image will they be associated with. People have interests, hobbies, things they enjoy doing, reading about, practicing - things that represent them. We are all unique and we all have something to fight for. It is… Continue reading Cosplay: Subculture Sense