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Now My Son…

OLGame 11-13-2015 3-31-32 AM-368What kind of experiments does a dead doctor perform on living patients?

You would say that one person that is dead, should stay dead, right? And because we are not discussing zombies here, how is that a dead person can walk, talk, even think, apparently is full of live. This is one of the themes used in Outlast – first person psychological survival horror game developed and published by Red Barrels.

It was released on September 4, 2013 for Microsoft Windows and for PlayStation 4 on February 4, 2014.

In the shadows of Mount Massive Asylum, there are things that know no boundaries, no moral fiber and no shame. An experiment that was also a conjuring woke up an evil entity that consumes hatred and vengeance.

Miles Upshur, an investigative reporter enters this asylum to record and produce a story that would put a light upon the dark things hidden here by the Murkoff Corporation, who owns this place.

Run, hide or die. Classic survival horror established plan. No weapons against foes, no weapons to clear your path, only a camera to chase out the darkness.

OLGame 11-13-2015 3-21-02 AM-341Screams, noises that are from beyond our world, ghastly apparitions, a bunch of mad men let loose to do whatever sick thing their mind can imagine. At some point we witness necrophilia, live murders, you get chased by these lunatics who want to taste your meat.

Blood, corpses, mutilated bodies, decomposing remains, heads…

Driven by curiosity, you infiltrate the depths of the asylum, crawling through sewers and listening to the prophecies of self-proclaimed Father Martin.

You have to witness “amazing” things that are hidden from public, hidden even to the naked eye. Variants roam the halls of the asylum. Their bodies are mutilated and extremely modified. Then there is Walrider, Father Martin’s deity, a humanoid ghastly shape of nanites, which is visible only through the night vision of the camera, until later in the game.

Outlast offers lots of jump-scares, a dark atmosphere, a gruesome depiction of an altered reality.

Best played at night with headphones.


Warcraft Official Trailer

June 2016 is the official date for the release of an epic journey into a fantastic world, a live action adaptation of Blizzard’s hit game Warcraft.

Under the motto: Two Worlds. One home we will have the chance to enter the battle between Orcs and Humans, visiting places that were depicted in the games. Directed by Duncan Jones, Warcraft: The Beginning looks promising.

Kritika: The White Knights Guide [Part 1]

I personally enjoy more the First Person Shooter genre or the Horror Survival one when we talk gaming.

Of course I played many games that can be included in every genre and subgenre, from flash games to role playing games, point-and-click, puzzles, arcades, intelligent or stupid ones. Used to make reviews of them back then.

So – for my own pleasure and to inform you about aspects of different games I will start a series of articles called Guides in which I will present different games for PC and also for Android.

Kritika: The White Knights is an Android Online 3D RPG by Gamevil.

It is free to play and can become addictive once you start playing and developing a character. In my case every game is addictive lol, since I played every game at least twice.. 😂.

The first thing I want to talk about are the characters. My character at the moment is a level 43 Cat Acrobat.

But you can choose from 5 different characters, each having a unique set of skills and abilities.

Shadow Mage – a mage that users shadows to restrain and annihilate enemies in close combat. Specialized in short-range attacks and inflicts heavy damage. Possesses skills that can bind enemies.

Crimson Assassin – it has been recently added to the game. A character that specializes in short-range battles. Sets herself apart in battles with bosses and PvP (player versus player) matches with her short skill cooldowns and versatile mobility.

Berserker – a character that attacks enemies with much gusto. Possesses various skills that tear through the battlefield and scorching attacks to completely wipe out enemies.

Cat Acrobat – a character with extravagant yet effortless specialized combos ideal for close combat. Possesses various skills including multi-hits. One blow alone can immobilize enemies.

Dark Valkyrie – an expert fighter who always keeps her cool. Can switch from offense to defense in a flash and likes to toy with enemies from a mid range distance.

Well these are the in-game descriptions of each Kritika character. I chose the Cat Acrobat since I like close combat… and because the character was cute (cough). After starting a game, a trainer will guide you through your journey.

You can access Sales – for inner app purchases. I never viewed these as being okay. If you really want to feel the atmosphere and play the game right, you have to battle and earn your own equipment and skill points – otherwise it is irrelevant.

You have a shop from where you can buy stuff. You can either use gold or karats which are very valuable and not so easy to obtain. Karats can be used to buy avatars, wings, weapons, accessories, pets, keys for chests, potions and so on.

Inventory – each RPG has a character’s inventory.

Skills – here you can manage and upgrade your skills.

Sockets – different gems with different abilities are gained throughout the game.

You have a menu for daily quests. By completing them you also gain karats.

Later in the game you are allowed to have a pet. I just messed up a bit with mine (had a Woodster – an angry log.. lol) and accidentally evolved it into UFO… Damn..

The game offers three distinctive types of playing. Stages – travel to various locations and defeat monsters. You gain gold, equipment and experience points. Survival – has two parts – Monster Wave and Tower of Tribulation. The Monster Wave is the quickest way to earn gold. Battle – we have Arena, Versus, Melee. In versus mode you gain karats.

I say once again that karats are hard to obtain but with them you can upgrade your character. I was very impressed after I managed to gain 1200 karats to buy an outfit. Now I have almost 900 and I’ve played the game a lot.

Graphics are good, various effects can be seen during battles.

As you advance the game gets harder. But it is worth a try.

A part two of this article will be published soon – which will take a deeper view upon the character I’ve chosen.

So, try the game – it is unique and you’ll definitely have a good time playing it.

Welcome to Barrockstadt

Do you know what I miss most…summers in which I didn’t left my home for days just to play video-games. Fresh air…lemonade..music…peacefullness. I might sound like some sort of weirdo..woow..spending summer inside..well..the air was cooler in there..the freshness of everything..the green plants all around my house..everything made perfect sense. Now… and then I changed between what I played. In the evening was Diablo..the joy of hunting down demons.

In the afternoon was Left 4 Dead..zombiiiiies getting their putrefying heads smashed. But most of the games I enjoyed most were the puzzle type..point-and-click..games like The Longest Journey and Syberia. I played them and replayed them..and I listened to the music from the games like all night long. Used to sleep two hours per night. :)).

And then I remembered this.

Can you imagine sweeter sounds..??

Can you imagine blissfulness..an inner peace that cannot be interrupted by anything? Music is a remedy..it is a way to escape this wicked reality that gets at you sometimes. It is a remedy for a broken soul..for a destroyed heart. Music brings out memories but also helps you create new ones. It has messages. Many hidden messages. At certain points a song can mean a thing. At some other it develops another significance.

Welcome to Barrockstadt. We all are searching for a lost town.

Time Travelers Trailer For 3DS

I’m not sure how many of you know about this game but I find it quite interesting. The game is called “Time Travelers” and it was produced by Level 5 [known for the Dark Cloud and Professor Layton series].

The game comes for Nintendo 3DS but also for PSP and Sony Vita.

The story is set in a futuristic Tokyo [year 2031] when a group of terrorists are creating disturbance in the city. From the 3DS trailer I find it good. The detailed graphics and also some elements that offer a description of the plot could make this game to be quite the hit. The release date is somewhere next year.

Gaming 101: Amnesia The Dark Descent


Fans of the horror genre will definitely love this title.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is an unique and intensive survival horror first person adventure game. The amount of things that makes this game great is unlimited.

After waking up in an old abandoned castle, without remembering anything, the main character [Daniel] start a trip of finding out the truth. Just like the Penumbra series, this game puts the accent on mental heath and stability. You cannot battle against the villains but you can run and hide, while the enemy is seeking for you.

Exploring is all you have to do in order to start conquering the unimaginable. A very creepy atmosphere surrounds you. Dark colors and tones, dust, lights coming in various shapes that scare you, different monuments, strange sounds, voices and screams, revelations and memories – a bunch of elements that help creating a dark environment.

After waking up you must follow a blood trail – the only thing that stirs your imagination at the moment. Movement in the corner of the eye, which is gone when you look more carefully, wind blowing up, doors opening and closing, sounds of footsteps, birds singing in a creepy manner, voices coming from dark corners, invisible foes – what else do you want more?

By adding adventure elements and puzzles to the story, this game is able to offer you a great dosage of fun. You are kinda trapped. You don’t know where you’re going and what are those scary whispers that come from dark corners. You must stay alive no matter what. When an enemy is approaching, your nerves are getting weak. You must find a safe spot. You can stay hidden in dark areas of halls and rooms, you can use the surroundings to create a barricade and hide.

Sometimes you will have to make things work, light up important zones, find alternative paths – all while trying to find out what really is going on.

When you encounter this thing [picture left] you stop thinking and RUN. This creature visited me while I was spending some time looking for clues on how to get past some blocked passage. Trust me, the hallway was poor lighted and it came out of nowhere making strange noises. The best way to avoid confrontation is to be prepared for this kind of situation. You have to close doors behind you, you must secure zones, use the lights strategically.

When you are on the flooded archive halls, you will have a not so pleasant surprise. Stay away from the water, cuz this attracts a very powerful enemy. It gave me the creeps. You only see some footsteps on the water – you cannot see the thing that attacks you. You will have to use the environment and your agility in order to escape from this damned path. It’s like a demonic labyrinth. You just have to pay attention to whatever surrounds you.

Gaming 101: Penumbra Overture

When a first person shooter meets an adventure and survival horror game – we gain what is titled Penumbra Overture – the first episode of the Penumbra Trilogy.

Dark, creepy, yet classic and with style, this game is just perfect for a raining afternoon – when you want to experience something a little different.

Explore, put the pieces together, stay alive, this is your battle against a demonic force.

The story seems unusual from the beginning. You end up in an uninhabited part of Greenland, in an abandoned mine, trying to find out the truth about the disappearance of your father.

Thing is that once you are here, strange things will happen.

For example, you find out about the feral creatures that appeared out of nowhere imposing threat to the mine workers. The ugly cave spiders that became sustenance for the last survivors, the natural deposits of lysergic acid which is causing hallucinations and provokes uncontrollable behavior – that ends up with suicide.

Would you like to visit a place like that…I guess not – but the way things are presented in the game makes you to want to know more [at least this is how I felt when playing].

The environment can be used to your advantage. Block doors, set obstacles, carry objects [barrels, pieces of wood, lamps, bottles and so] or use them to hurt enemies or destroy other things. There are different puzzles to solve, but most of them are very easy [I played on Normal Mode]. For example, in the abandoned cave you have a key combination for a door. The way through it is simple, just pay attention to the notes you encounter.

As you go deep within the mine, you’ll find out that you’re not the only one in here. Meet Red, the one who will guide you through this dark journey.

He will try to explain what happened in there and help you find your way to the source of this disaster.

Of course that it won’t be easy as wild creatures like the demonic dogs will try to hunt you down.

You will discover that the construction of the mine was influenced by the discovery of an ancient artifact that offers you bits of another world – something quite hard to comprehend. This is why the player is tempted to work some more to find out what is going on.

Detail over detail you’ll finally come to see what you’ve been missing.

In just four chapters [pretty short] Penumbra Overture can establish a link between a survival horror and an intensified existential drama.