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Another: Episode 1 -Beginning of the End

So… This is a part of an older project of mine that I had in mind. Besides writing reviews to an entire anime series – I wanted to watch each episode and talk about it.

I have a list of 60-something watched anime and I need to re-watch them all, and also new series and start writing about them. Details, spoilers will be presented ahead – so a friendly suggestion – do not read articles of episodes you plan to watch.

another_novel_coverAnother – an anime adaptation after a Japanese mystery horror novel by Yukito Ayatsuji, published on October 29, 2009 by Kadokawa Shoten.

The story focuses on a boy named Kōichi Sakakibara who, upon transferring into Yomiyama Middle School and meeting the curious Mei Misaki, finds himself in a mystery revolving around students and people related to his class falling victim to gruesome, senseless deaths.

A manga adaptation by Hiro Kiyohara was serialized between May 2010 and January 2012 in the issues of Kadokawa Shoten’s Young Ace. Both the novel and the manga have been licensed in North America by Yen Press. A 12-episode anime TV series produced by P.A.Works aired in Japan between January 10 and March 27, 2012, with an original video animation episode released on May 26, 2012, and a live-action film was released in Japanese theatres on August 4, 2012.

A dark, sad story, with great characters and a great soundtrack.


The first episode “Rough sketch” – “Sobyō” (素描) was released on January 10, 2012.

Following the cliches of other horror works – like Higurashi no naku koro ni – there is a disturbing story that took place in the past. Another tells the cruel fate of a girl named Misaki who was a student 26 years ago. Shorty after entering the 9th grade she died in an accident. Shocking as it may seem – the other students behaved like she was still alive – and so it was born the so called “curse” of class 3-3.

The protagonist – Kōichi Sakakibara moves to a town called Yomiyama to live with his grandparents and his aunt Reiko Mikami. Unfortunately – he gets sick and a few weeks he spends in a hospital reading horror novels and hoping to regain his health.

One of the days – some students from his school – Yomiyama North Junior High – Izumi Akazawa, Tomohiko Kazami and Yukari Sakuragi, visit him. Their first discussion brings a note of tension – which is completed by the environements depicted in the first part of the episode, cruel, dark tones, vivid colors, the state of Sakakibara and the mystery surrounding their “interview”. From the beginning you can realize that something very wrong is happening here.


Another scene that makes everything undoubtebly  strange is Sakakibara meeting Misaki Mei for the first time. She seems lost, she is very quiet and talks weird. And she loses herself like a shadow in the hospital’s basement where the morgue is.

The first day at school brings some aspects that seem odd. Class 3 is the only class that is ignored by the rest of the school. And after asking out about Misaki Mei – he finds out that others claim that they do not know what he is talking about. This aura of mystery surrounding this girl – makes Sakakibara seek her presence.

The ending of the episode gets again tensionate as Misaki tells Sakakibara that his class – their class is very different from the rest of the school – it is very closed to death.

[to be continued…]


Never Forgive…

What can really cure a broken heart? What can make all the pain go away like it never existed? What if you happen to lose something precious and you cannot recover after that?

In The Woman in Black one of the main themes is the loss of a dear person. A dark vision upon the destruction of an entire family after the young one walks away from this life.

A mother loses her child and she cannot recover from this even after she, as well, dies. She becomes a vengeful ghost that takes away the happiness of others. She makes the children from her village kill themselves. Starring Daniel Radcliffe the movie was launched back in 2012.

Overall – the production presents a dark atmosphere inducing terror and solitude. An empty house – creepy dolls – noises from beyond the grave and above all – the terror in the village.


First Post: 2012

So – new year people – 2012 – the year when they say it’s all going to end.

Yeah..right. I know that the Mayan in charge with that calendar died and the others were too lame-ass and busy to continue – therefore here’s an explanation why the Mayan calendar ended this year.

I know also that these are rough times – for me and for many others. But let’s just smile a bit. I have expectations from this year – change a lot of things.

I just ended up writing a short SF story called Amfibion and I sent it to a SF magazine in the hopes of publishing. If not I’ll continue writing til someone will appreciate my creativity and need of writing.

As for this year – I’ll give up some habits – which obviously didn’t make me a better person but they dragged me down. I’ll find new friends, I’ll listen to music all the time. I’ll change my look, my style, I’ll get a tattoo and yes – I’ll change my glasses with something similar that Skrillex is wearing. Bitches.

As for now I’ll leave you in the company of a great song that plays on my PC right now.