Another: Episode 1 -Beginning of the End

So... This is a part of an older project of mine that I had in mind. Besides writing reviews to an entire anime series - I wanted to watch each episode and talk about it. I have a list of 60-something watched anime and I need to re-watch them all, and also new series and… Continue reading Another: Episode 1 -Beginning of the End


Never Forgive…

What can really cure a broken heart? What can make all the pain go away like it never existed? What if you happen to lose something precious and you cannot recover after that? In The Woman in Black one of the main themes is the loss of a dear person. A dark vision upon the destruction… Continue reading Never Forgive…

First Post: 2012

So - new year people - 2012 - the year when they say it's all going to end. Yeah..right. I know that the Mayan in charge with that calendar died and the others were too lame-ass and busy to continue - therefore here's an explanation why the Mayan calendar ended this year. I know also that… Continue reading First Post: 2012