GameOn Challenge [0005-0010/3000]

Entry 0005-0010/3000

Penumbra Collection

One of my favorite game series of all times – Penumbra lets you explore these vast, dark underground facilities trying to stay alive and decipher all the horrors that took place. A first person horror experience that I recommend. Frictional Games is my second favorite game development company – after Bloober Team. You can guess why.

The entries here relate to Penumbra: Overture, Penumbra: Black Plague, Penumbra Tech Demo, Requiem, Necrologue and Penumbra 2. The series are filled with puzzles, well-done story-telling portions and horror elements. Recently I’ve replayed Penumbra Overture.

GameOn Challenge [0002/3000]

Entry 0002/3000


There is a world out there of information related to this game. You could write books trying to decipher the world that has been built for his game. A well-done first person shooter made for all categories of players – the ones who head on within the action with the guns reloaded, ones using stealth and different approaches to the quests – and the ones using the power of the plasmids and tonics that can be achieved.