Nintendo 3DS LL Available Starting With July 2012

Nintendo announced the launch of a new console - the Nintendo 3DS LL. The new device will consist of a 4.88 inch top screen and a 4.18 inch bottom screen - larger that it's predecessor by almost 50%. The battery life will be improved to 6.5 hours - allowing the customers to spend more on… Continue reading Nintendo 3DS LL Available Starting With July 2012


Portal: No Escape

A short movie set in the Portal Universe has come to my attention and to the other Portal fans.I never imagined that a concept of Valve will appear in a live-action production.Portal: No Escape is directed by Dan Trachtenberg and it's quite intense. The heroine wakes up and realizes that she is being held captive.… Continue reading Portal: No Escape

Interactive Fiction

Every time we choose to walk a bit into the unreal - choosing a fantasy world to explore, we are accepting a session of interactive fiction. This concept was the basic of the video-game, by offering the player a chance to concoct a story just like he wanted to. Interactive fiction is about two things:… Continue reading Interactive Fiction

Gaming 101: Penumbra Overture

When a first person shooter meets an adventure and survival horror game - we gain what is titled Penumbra Overture - the first episode of the Penumbra Trilogy. Dark, creepy, yet classic and with style, this game is just perfect for a raining afternoon - when you want to experience something a little different. Explore,… Continue reading Gaming 101: Penumbra Overture

Gaming 101: Portal 2 [part 1]

It's been a long time... And finally - the unexpected occurred...Portal 2 became a reality - and I thank God for it. This article will explain and comment parts from every chapter of the game..why I like it and for what reasons. There are spoilers in here so before continuing should play the game.… Continue reading Gaming 101: Portal 2 [part 1]