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Nintendo 3DS LL Available Starting With July 2012

Nintendo announced the launch of a new console – the Nintendo 3DS LL.

The new device will consist of a 4.88 inch top screen and a 4.18 inch bottom screen – larger that it’s predecessor by almost 50%. The battery life will be improved to 6.5 hours – allowing the customers to spend more on their favorite games.

Fans of the Nintendo technology will be able to choose from three different color combinations – red & black, silver & black and plain white. In Japan and Europe – the Nintendo 3DS LL will be released on 28 July, while in the US the launch date is 19 August.

The established price for the new console is 18,900 yen.


Portal: No Escape

A short movie set in the Portal Universe has come to my attention and to the other Portal fans.

I never imagined that a concept of Valve will appear in a live-action production.

Portal: No Escape is directed by Dan Trachtenberg and it’s quite intense. The heroine wakes up and realizes that she is being held captive. Nothing to do around other than keeping your mind occupied and your body in shape. But things are about to change…

Ohh what memories brings back the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. I really need to play these games again very soon 🙂

Interactive Fiction

Every time we choose to walk a bit into the unreal – choosing a fantasy world to explore, we are accepting a session of interactive fiction.

This concept was the basic of the video-game, by offering the player a chance to concoct a story just like he wanted to.

Interactive fiction is about two things: using different commands to control the character and to influence the environment. Of course that this element evolved as a part of an adventure game.

By choosing the desired continuation of the story, each one of the involved persons can contribute personally to the complexity of the story.

Interactive fiction was first represented by text-only games. Dialogues, actions and other parts of a plot were used to complete a production.

From the different types of interactive fiction we can point: – hypertext fiction [the story is non-linear, the reader can choose the way he wishes to progress with the lecture], – collaborative fiction [one story shaped by several authors], – participatory fiction [shaped only after the implication of a person].

In many games, there are put different ways to pass an obstacle, to clear a path or to complete a mission.

With the correct command, the player can easily obtain info about the action he has to complete. At first, the text adventure games were able to understand simple commands as constructions of verb-noun nature.

Later, the technological progress permitted the player to use full sentences.

From here just one step to the modern-age visual novel [which will be presented in a future article].

Interactive fiction is the perfect combination to describe how video games work in the mind of those who choose to spend their time this way. Every movement and every action is just a part of this whole concept – the one who permits us to enter a fantastic universe.

Gaming 101: Penumbra Overture

When a first person shooter meets an adventure and survival horror game – we gain what is titled Penumbra Overture – the first episode of the Penumbra Trilogy.

Dark, creepy, yet classic and with style, this game is just perfect for a raining afternoon – when you want to experience something a little different.

Explore, put the pieces together, stay alive, this is your battle against a demonic force.

The story seems unusual from the beginning. You end up in an uninhabited part of Greenland, in an abandoned mine, trying to find out the truth about the disappearance of your father.

Thing is that once you are here, strange things will happen.

For example, you find out about the feral creatures that appeared out of nowhere imposing threat to the mine workers. The ugly cave spiders that became sustenance for the last survivors, the natural deposits of lysergic acid which is causing hallucinations and provokes uncontrollable behavior – that ends up with suicide.

Would you like to visit a place like that…I guess not – but the way things are presented in the game makes you to want to know more [at least this is how I felt when playing].

The environment can be used to your advantage. Block doors, set obstacles, carry objects [barrels, pieces of wood, lamps, bottles and so] or use them to hurt enemies or destroy other things. There are different puzzles to solve, but most of them are very easy [I played on Normal Mode]. For example, in the abandoned cave you have a key combination for a door. The way through it is simple, just pay attention to the notes you encounter.

As you go deep within the mine, you’ll find out that you’re not the only one in here. Meet Red, the one who will guide you through this dark journey.

He will try to explain what happened in there and help you find your way to the source of this disaster.

Of course that it won’t be easy as wild creatures like the demonic dogs will try to hunt you down.

You will discover that the construction of the mine was influenced by the discovery of an ancient artifact that offers you bits of another world – something quite hard to comprehend. This is why the player is tempted to work some more to find out what is going on.

Detail over detail you’ll finally come to see what you’ve been missing.

In just four chapters [pretty short] Penumbra Overture can establish a link between a survival horror and an intensified existential drama.


Gaming 101: Portal 2 [part 1]

It’s been a long time…

And finally – the unexpected occurred…Portal 2 became a reality – and I thank God for it.

This article will explain and comment parts from every chapter of the game..why I like it and for what reasons.

There are spoilers in here so before continuing reading…you should play the game.

Okay…you monster…let’s put our differences behind us..for science.

Portal 2 being the sequel to the first Valve game to introduce us to Aperture Science – it’s about applying the laws of gravity and using the environment to gain advantage in order to reach different checkpoints.

Testing…a word the Valve team became legendary for. From the old-school Half-Life to our 2011 game – testing was a subject of putting one’s brain to work.

In the first chapter you encounter Wheatley – which is going to become a most powerful tool [if I might say].

Also, through his plans – he will revive GLadOS. Now…the testing will begin. You will be surprised to see the old Portal Testing Chambers [which are in ruins] along with new, better ones.

GLadOS will be not happy about you killing her [which obviously was just an electrical interruption and not real death].

Test after test, we gain knowledge about GLadOS’ new plans for the Aperture Science Facility [which is now presented as a huge complex].

Putting aside the sarcasm and the cruel jokes..let’s ride the elevator to the break-room and talk about the time I saw a deer.

But before reaching that point, we just have to talk about the new impressive elements of Portal 2. The Aerial Faith Plate is one of them. This device let’s you jump high and reach different points that usually are not accessible.

The laser cube is very useful and you can use it to redirect laser beams and open doors or activate lifts.

About the difficulty I can say it is moderate…if you are smart enough you can easily observe the elements of the puzzle you have to resolve. By the way – I managed to find alternative solutions to one test – so everything is relative but acceptable.

More about the plot and other Valve unique marks in the second part of this article.

[to be continued…]

3D Fog Projection

If you wondered when holograms will become a part of modern technology – now it is the time for you to know that this thing is acctually happening and of course is brought by the Japanese scientists.

In the video below you’ll see the work of a team from Osaka University – using a few projectors to recreate the 3D image of a bunny.

The NGP / PSP2

Officially, the NGP, or the Play Station Portable 2 will be released sometime in the holiday season of this year.

Gamers from all around the world, you have a lot of time before you get your hands on this one.

property of

With unique controls and a cool interface, the NGP will bring strong game names with it. For example, the Call of Duty series are in a developing stage for this new console.

The technology used to create this device offers it a prolonged life, so you can enjoy it for many many hours.

The console promises many things and this could give a new perspective upon the gaming industry.