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The Witching Hour [Horror Poem]

The witching hour is approaching.

A silky, foamed, deranged uproar,

The shades of night, torment provoking,

Arachnodactyly abhor.

I write a letter on your coffin.

I test the might of empty time…

Dead wasps tempestuously coughing

The shades of night during day-time.

A missing eye, a blood-stained soul,

La mer, l’amour, les très mauvais…

Inside – acrylic of charcoal

J’écris l’abysse tué – parfait.



The Night [Horror Poem]

The night is dark

And full of terror.

There are dead bodies

Pilling up…

And since you can’t

Describe the feeling,

Let me remind you…

There is no light!

No hope.. no chance..

No retribution.

No life after we ate your soul

Beheaded –

Like a rotten ghoul,

Just emptiness,

A dead black hole.

It’s morning.


Dead flesh.. Lost.

Just madness,


Dirty frost.

Dead humans

Rotting in the sun,

My demons

Chanting, having fun

And night…

The pale…

The empty crust.


With the smiling rust.

The present

And the future king –

They both obey –

Descending fast

And darkness



And children fade and die along.

This is my poem of the dark

For Void is where I…

Too belong.

Ritual [Horror Poem]

The heart stopped beating,

The corpse is filled

With maggots eating out the flesh…

And the desire of the wicked

Lets me to taste your blood – it’s fresh.

A shiny blade into the darkness,

So easily conformed and cold…

Unnecessary people dying,

A scream while cutting off their throat.

A ritual, an incantation,

A spell to call the demons forth –

From depths of Hell into our word –

Pagans recite sinister songs.

They dance blindfolded,

Dance in darkness…

Naked, wild, in agony.

Blood showers, flames of pleasure…

They kill, they bring your nullity.

They crack the skull, they rip the skin,

They mutilate and desecrate,

They cut the victim into pieces

Leaving them at the Hell’s gate.

They bear no names, they bear no soul.

They’re empty shelves – vessels of cold –

And while you die in misery

They stay the same, they don’t get old.


Halloween [Poem]

The darkest shades of autumn’s breath

Embrace themselves in dance tonight.

A silent whisper from the wolves,

Explaining what is wrong and right.

I might begin to understand

The shallow silhouettes which are

Writing blood letters on parchments

And hanging them out on the wall.

In distance, ghouls and skeletons

With old and dusty robes and knives

Are drinking pumpkin ale, – Rejoice!

Because the night is up, – No light…

In costumes, people cross the street,

With tricks and treats and dirty feet.

With fears and hopes and evil laughter,

The night has brought them all together.

And in the corner of the eye,

Another shadow stays to watch

With bloody blades and no remorse…

Its wicked intentions start to hatch.

It’s Halloween, the dawn of life!

A colorful, mixed-up spectacle,

With grapes, with leaves, an orange sky…

Enjoy the song of pumpkin pie.



It Feels Like Rain (Poem)

It’s dark, it’s cold, it feels like rain.

I feel the mist, the death approaching…

Nevertheless the coffin brakes

And flies from underground are floating.

I’m dead.. you’re dead.

The souls are rotting.

Your chances minimizing faith,

Into abyssal bliss are dropping.

I’m dark. I’m human. I’m alive.

I was good once… now I am evil.

Awake, eternity I strive,

Embracing obscurity’s receival.

I say goodbye to earthly things…

I need my darkest sleep of reason.

Behold the quantum orb of kings,

Their history evolved in treason.

No thunder smiles, no tender gestures,

Nor day, nor night, nor noon, nor dawn…

They grow apart apocalyptic textures

For Rome and ruined Pantheon…

And blissfully away I run,

Embracing moments that I gain.

Life quadrupling under no Sun…

It’s dark, it’s cold, it feels like rain.

Abyss-A [Horror Poem]

The door that wakes in darkness, opens into nightmares

I listen to these corpses / Deliciously they lie

They rot away the evenings / The deadly butterfly

The storms of their existence / Began to fade away

When darkness entered realms / Of future-past today

The smell of the cadavers / A scent of nullity

With wrongful information / Blood-bath convulsively

To kill or not to kill / Destroy.. Rebuild.. Destroy.

Liquidate. Snuff and Strangle. / Exterminate. Enjoy.

It demands sacrifices / Demands a soul to take

Of human blood-illusion / Existentially fake

Beware the fading darkness / It eats the soul alive

And death embraces you like you deserve to die.