Argue [horror poem]

This darkened rain that pours so soft, This day of war and cruelty... One gallon - blood is coughed And death sings continuity. A lovely, white-pale corpse Of former lover - mine, Just sits and rots, decaying works; One gallon - red mulled wine.   I take a sip, I lose my mind, My temper;… Continue reading Argue [horror poem]


Ascension [poem]

Stir of echos, darkened souls; I see perfection inside your flaws. Your gentle smile, your golden hair, A whisper telling me beware... Within my nightmares - sweetest dreams; I hide from truth, I drink blood streams. I learn to scream, I learn to fail. A whisper tells me sweet ... beware.


Filled with delight... A storm, a love, a fight, A blackness in the light. My morning in the night. Your eyes whisper the rain. I see you, want you again, Embrace me, dark profane! The blood kisses the vein... And often I fall for you, With lies that seem so true. And calm, and beautifully… Continue reading DarK