Photography: Vitamin Induced

Two things are great about this photo. First of all – the black and white editing makes it more vivid than if it was colored. Lack of color denotes simplicity just like photography should be defined – art and beauty through simple immortalized acts of life. The second important aspect of this work is the composition. We are taken into a period from the past – we see some sort merchant (from one point of view), a privileged one – who knows better what’s important about her activity. Rustic outfit, accessories – and you’re already in another country. I almost had an out-of-body experience trying to decipher the messages this simple photo offers. Indeed – the author is a great artist.

Photography: Victim

Victims cry out their lost appearances, their fragile and unstable conditions. Their normal order of things had been lost, forgotten in a tower of doubt. Victims…we see them everyday – most of us – cause many opt to remain indifferent towards them – speaking of intellect and thought. The poor, the agonizing, the lost, the unfaithful, the beaten, the abandoned – transformed into one concept – the victim. They hide behind a face that never states their identifying reality. They defy destiny’s logic. They didn’t choose this way but it was introduced to them. Whose the one to take the fault?