Bioshock: 10 Years Anniversary

In August - 10 years ago, you were introduced to the wonder situated on the bottom of the ocean - a place where there would be no rules, no restrictions and no peace - Rapture. Bioshock was released. This year - celebrating the 10th anniversary of the game, there has been released a special edition… Continue reading Bioshock: 10 Years Anniversary


“Corpse-like” model used by H&M

The H&M clothing boutique in London is being criticized for using a "corpse-like" model for the new Marni collection. The image of Aymeline Valade - a french model - presents her with dark eyes, hollow cheeks and pale-nuanced skin. Obviously they find this image unhealthy, sending toxic messages and not inspiring beauty. But I think… Continue reading “Corpse-like” model used by H&M

ANONYMOUS Hacker Group And Their Reasons

It's been decided. The ANONYMOUS hacker group that threatened Facebook last year are now saying that they will attack and close the site on January 28. The reason - they are an online community that are at war with the Government of the United States.  They are only trying to preserve their internet rights...therefore they… Continue reading ANONYMOUS Hacker Group And Their Reasons