Forest Music

Close your eyes for a moment after reading this article and enjoy the music while imagining what I've written here. Just like in an RPG game, just imagine an ever-green large patch of big, old trees, with nothing but fresh air surrounding them and colorful flowers. The sight so splendid that it gives you a… Continue reading Forest Music



Venture forth, if you dare, into the dark heart of Transylvania, where creatures of the night lurk in the shadows. Inspired by Bram Stoker's classic Dracula, this musical opus truly embodies the mysterious land of vampires, witches and werewolves. The seductive and sinister sounds range from haunting piano, violin and harpsichord melodies to creepy pipe… Continue reading Nocturne

Kenji Kawai – A Discordant Split

After seeing Ringu I cannot stop listening to one of the tracks from the original soundtrack list. Kenji Kawai at his best - in A Discordant Split. Track available for download too. Listen it here - A Discordant Split. A melodic line - a beautiful piano song...sounds that conquer you emotional part and then..something is… Continue reading Kenji Kawai – A Discordant Split