1 Litre of Tears [imported from JapFun blog]

[so.. I know it is a lame ass idea to import stuff from an older blog, but some of these articles I wrote were very important to me, so I want them to be on this blog as well] J-dorama or simply japanese drama. One of the best j-dramas ever made is 1 litre of… Continue reading 1 Litre of Tears [imported from JapFun blog]


Blair Witch (2016) – Trailer

I've been a fan of found-footage horror movies because of one title - Blair Witch Project. I've seen it countless times, twice only this year. It is original, it is deep, it is shocking, brilliant, a masterpiece of a film. And this fall, a new movie immersing in the tense¬†universe of this idea will hit… Continue reading Blair Witch (2016) – Trailer

Disturbed #1: Notions on insanity

Disturbed! will be a series of articles in which I will exploit my interest in the dark genres of literature, music, film, comics, manga and anime, audio productions and everything that you could possible imagine having a dark feeling attached to it. Disturbed. Altered. Broken. Troubled. Bipolar. Nervous. Wrecked. All these notions can be attached… Continue reading Disturbed #1: Notions on insanity

Warcraft Official Trailer

June 2016 is the official date for the release of an epic journey into a fantastic world, a¬†live action adaptation of Blizzard's hit game Warcraft. Under the motto: Two Worlds. One home we will have the chance to enter the battle between Orcs and Humans, visiting places that were depicted in the games. Directed by… Continue reading Warcraft Official Trailer

[Last Seen..] #001

I used to write articles about movies, anime, documentaries and all sorts of videos I've watched... Keeping a list with things that I enjoy most. I've been thinking about re-watching lots of shows but honestly I cannot remember all of these. But here is a small list with what I've seen recently and my perceptions… Continue reading [Last Seen..] #001