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1 Litre of Tears [imported from JapFun blog]

[so.. I know it is a lame ass idea to import stuff from an older blog, but some of these articles I wrote were very important to me, so I want them to be on this blog as well]

J-dorama or simply japanese drama.

One of the best j-dramas ever made is 1 litre of tears. After watching it, I read a lot of posts about this drama and it seemed that everyone who watched it was impressed.

250px-1_litre_of_tears(DVD cover-source:

1 litre of tears is presenting the case of a girl, who at the age of 15 finds out that she has an incurable disease: Spinocerebellar Degeneration. As learns us, this disease is one of a group of genetic disorders characterized by slowly progressive incoordination of gait and often associated with poor coordination of hands, speech, and eye movements.

We see all the symptoms in this drama. Doctors and specialists in neurology were consulted during the making of it.

There are 11 episodes plus a special one, which tell us the sad story of Ikeuchi Aya. During these episodes we learn about the help and the obstacles she faced, her feeling towards the others and the feelings of the others about her.

This drama is based on a real case. Kito Aya [July 1962 – May 23, 1988] had this disease. During her life she wrote a diary, which was published in 1986. Aya just wrote about life, about goodness and hope. About 1.800.000 copies of her diary had been sold.

1_litre_of_tears-book(The book cover-source:

Episode List:

1- The beginning of my youth
2- 15 years old, sickness that steals up
3- Why did the illness choose me?
4- The loneliness of two
5- A disabled person’s notebook
6- Heartless glances
7- The place where I am
8- 1 Litre of Tears
9- I live now
10- Love Letter
11- Far away, to the place where tears are exhausted

And the special episode:
1 Litre of Tears: Memory

300px-Ichi_Rittoru_no_Namida(The Ikeuchi Family-from the drama)


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Blair Witch (2016) – Trailer

I’ve been a fan of found-footage horror movies because of one title – Blair Witch Project.

I’ve seen it countless times, twice only this year. It is original, it is deep, it is shocking, brilliant, a masterpiece of a film. And this fall, a new movie immersing in the tense universe of this idea will hit the big screens.

The Blair Witch is back, darker and powerful then ever.

Disturbed #1: Notions on insanity

Disturbed! will be a series of articles in which I will exploit my interest in the dark genres of literature, music, film, comics, manga and anime, audio productions and everything that you could possible imagine having a dark feeling attached to it.

Disturbed. Altered. Broken. Troubled. Bipolar. Nervous. Wrecked. All these notions can be attached to your person, when you are seeing life with a different applied perspective. Some call these things a path to mental illness, some call it their existential pattern, some call it art.

hqdefaultFrom the artistic perspective – the notion disturbed – creates an eerie dark atmosphere within a fictional environment where sad, sadistic, evil things happen. And when is the border between sick and art getting dissolved? I wonder myself sometimes, when I am watching something very gory and unsettling – what makes this of me if I enjoy it? Am I disturbed in some way, it is a sign that I am with half of my brain non-functional?

The answer depends on who is offering it. Some might say yes, some might say no. I really don’t think I am insane but I have a very dark side, a shadow growing inside me on a rocky temple of sadism. I like gory stuff, blood, death, pain, everything that takes you out of the ordinary and places you in a realm of despair. Therefore I seek these things. In art. In productions that make you doubt your own sanity.

I am a horror maniac. It is a daily ritual. At least one sick thing a day. If I’m not listening to some creepy melody I watch something or I read. It is in my nature. I was like that from a very young age. I remember as a kid I was fascinated with dark movies and stuff. I remember one time I knew about a horror movie with wild rabbits killing people to be broadcasted after midnight and I waited for my grandmother to fall asleep, pretending I was sleeping too and then I watched the movie…otherwise she wouldn’t let me see it :)).

There are tons of films, independent shorts, games, comics, manga volumes, anime series, podcasts where individuals like me can dwell in the sick pleasures of horror. It is a genre that captivates and seduces, a genre which can be very enjoyable or very unacceptable. Deals with fear, deals with the dark corners of the human psyche. Deals with everything that is beyond normal.

Like this thing I found on youtube today. Watch it at your own risk. It is sick and not easily digestible.

This weekend was relaxing. I saw Tag (Riaru Onigokko) – a Japanese horror movie from 2015 which deals with the perception of world through multiple personalities, a short disturbing film about some aliens called Mara Mattuschka, The Collector, The Bunny Game – movie about a psychopath that kidnaps a hooker and plays with her mind and both parts of Inner Depravity.

Took my dosage of what-the-fuck. 😀

Warcraft Official Trailer

June 2016 is the official date for the release of an epic journey into a fantastic world, a live action adaptation of Blizzard’s hit game Warcraft.

Under the motto: Two Worlds. One home we will have the chance to enter the battle between Orcs and Humans, visiting places that were depicted in the games. Directed by Duncan Jones, Warcraft: The Beginning looks promising.

[Last Seen..] #001

I used to write articles about movies, anime, documentaries and all sorts of videos I’ve watched… Keeping a list with things that I enjoy most. I’ve been thinking about re-watching lots of shows but honestly I cannot remember all of these.
But here is a small list with what I’ve seen recently and my perceptions upon the shows.

I am a huge horror maniac. I mean I like how reality can become a nightmare in an instant. I am listening to the Penumbra: Overture soundtrack while I am writing this. :)) (which is my favorite horror game).

I like stories, I like the fact that imagination has an important role in all productions, and creativity takes work to unimaginable portions of high grounds. And at the top you find the best stories.

One of the movies that I have a thing for is The Ring. I have the books, I’ve seen the American versions along with the Japanese ones. I just love the story. Horror – warped reality of a sad love story. We have a strange event.. A young healthy girl dies after watching a videotape. A family ruined, a future destroyed. On the other hand we have a couple that gets closer again after being apart for a while only to see them part ways again. We have paranoia, we have extremes, we have puzzles since no one knows at first what exactly is going on out there. But I still consider the books to be greater that any of The Ring movie.

Another one of my favorites was Dead Silence. Ventriloquists, puppets, darkness, everything you want in just one movie. Also produced by those who made the Saw series. Again we have loss, we have detective work in order to find an inconvenient truth. A vengeful spirit that lives inside dolls in order to kill.

Open Grave. In order not to spoil anything I will not talk much about it. I’ve seen it twice. You have to see it too. It s dramatical, psychological, a true masterpiece of a film. What would you do if you wake up in a pit full of dead bodies, with no memory of who you are of what happened to you? It is a linear puzzle of discovering your own identity while trying to remember your past. A very good movie.

I also saw Fifty Shades of Grey, Last Days on Mars, Evidence, REC, Munich, Unfriended, The Experiment and a bunch of shorts. Currently I am watching an anime called Amaenaide-yo! and also I started re-watching the first season of Hana Yori Dango – Japanese drama.

I guess I keep myself busy.. not much to do since it is very hot outside…

For today I planned to enjoy some zombie movies along with some very cold, almost frozen beers. Cheers!

For art`s sake

Indeed many elements are seen by some individuals as art. It all depends on how someone perceives a creation. Art and art forms vary from the strangest thing to the most casual, boring ones.

Speaking of creation – in this category we can include everything that was conceived by the human mind, thought of, imagined, then created as a palpable object or a product to be consumed. I say consumed.. because you consume a song, a poem, a movie… you touch it, but spiritually. And spiritually – it touches you back.. comforts you, calms down your emotions, or by contrary – it fills you up with negativity. It all depends on what you are searching for.

So art – with its unlimited forms is all around us.

Myself, I tend to consume things that are dark, obscure, intensively violent.. because you know – art comforts or disturbs.

Recently I have rewatched several movies that many would not consider them art. Because of the out-of-world, violent messages these movies transmit – these productions were also forbidden for screening in some countries.

For example A Serbian Film.

Literally fucked up – this movie is a depiction of everything that is wrong with society and the humankind today.a-serbian-film-rompe

The movie centers around a former pornstar that tries to offer a good and decent life to his wife and kid. But one day he is recruited for a production – high level art – as he finds out – for the foreign market – by a philosopher with a tragically messed up vision upon the world. Themes like rape, necrophilia make this movie almost unwatchable.

But those are special effects and the resemblance with the truths of this damned world make it a masterpiece. Just think about it. People kill people in order to survive or just for fun. Porn was born a long time ago and each of the models were put in various fucked up situations and raped.

Trust me – art like this can be consumed peacefully – knowing you are surrounded by the safety of your home and you stay relaxed on your couch.

It is a messed up world out there.

Next of the list is the Hostel trilogy. Now these are some films about victimisation.

In a dark, remote corner of Slovakia, tourists find a paradise of drugs and sexual activities. From one particular hostel, filled with strange figures, they are kidnapped and sent for an art exhibition. But little do they know that the main attraction are themselves. Stripped down from freedom and peace, they are tortured and killed. The first two movies were produced by Quentin Tarantino. What is interesting is that all those involved in this Club of hunting down humans are not showing any sign of remorse. It is like those who kill you for money.. think it was the right thing to do.

By now you probably think I am insane. Of course I am. I am the one messed up thinking this is art. Well friend, art disturbs in ways nothing can do. By watching these films you experiment the cold stare of the human eye.. you look into the naked soul of those surrounding you.. and trust me, they are far from warm and loving.

Next one is a lowbudget with an interesting story. It is called Maskhead.

A lesbian couple succeeds in making fetishistic torture porn movies because of the stupidity of those who believe in getting rich quick by showing off some skin.

You may think why is that these movies are all about sex and nakedness – at some point you could consider I am searching for all the depraved elements in the world. Since I am in the position of the critique.. this list was specifically chosen for this article. Yes.. but this is porn.. not art.. you say. Well.. what makes it art is the afilliation with the reality. The film itself is a satire.. a way of mocking stupidity. We have characters that are way too easily manipulated.. and you know that the humankind shines with this attribute..

For art to be recognised.. you have to share it with individuals consuming the same genre. Some see cooking as a form of art.. and it is! Some grow gardens and specialize in botanical research.. which is also art. Some work at construction sites and despite the hard work and the dust and filth.. the final product is art.

Life itself is art. Some of us just forgot their talents…

Grace: The Possession

In order to make a movie involving a possession to stand out in the crowded list of movies using the theme – you really need to apply some new elements of terror. From artworks like The Exorcist or The Exorcism of Emily Rose to lowbudget films involving demonic possession there were almost the same concepts used – the innocent, pure host, the carnal desires, the strange languages spoken, the violence – and ultimately the death. Grace: The Possession – is definitely not the best possesion-themed movie made but it’s worth watching.grace1 The film has all the aspects that I listed above but it depicts them in such manner that the viewer is more absorbed into the story of the protagonist since everythings is seen through her eyes. Even the most intimate moments can be lived through Grace’s experience. Living with her grandmother wasn’t an easy job since the woman is a bit hit-in-the-head. Grace moves out to see the world – but apparently the world is too new to her and she has problems with fitting in. After a party that went wrong, her grandmother pulls her out of school and makes her live trapped in a nightmarish atmosphere. Things start to happen. Visions.. memories of other beings.. strange apparitions.. all leading to a demonic possession. The fun part about the movie is how the others see her possession as a problem that only God can cure. No doctors.. no medicine.. no other treatment but a blind faith. But sometimes not even the faith can save you. The final part of the movie will blown up your mind. It is a very interesting ending.