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The time was set right again. The only thing mentioned in that elusive present was a conclusive past. Who would knew… all became fragile when motions stopped. Who would knew…

Burning Christmas candlesAnd it began. At first earthquakes sang. This and that – seemed no big deal from the outside. But the inside was squirming with black and gray rainbows – waiting for a way out into the cold air.

The silence of the night became a mystical mixture of misunderstood sounds. A melody began playing out of nowhere carrying a new path to old things. Driven by an unknown force – things we’re sent flying. There was something there…

Words became radio waves…transmissions carrying coded messages. One voice…two closed eyes…three parts of the same deck…

There was a source of light near-by that started to shake. It accompanied the spirits’ whispers about what and when. It was dark outside – but everything shined…reflecting a uniqueness like never seen before.


I Want A River Full Of Love…

Certain people try to be something else, to be unique. They have to hide things from others, to always have an answer for every question that is thrown into their unbalancing lives.

Often they realize that having more than a personality is always a hard thing to maintain. Sometimes they offer details about their life that’s unknown to others, but there’s no interest in listening to that.

People…so many and so interesting. Their perceptions, perspectives, passions, powers…and still they lack the most important thing..goodness.

Depressing isn’t it…when you’re looking for love from them..just like this song says…

Oki’s Movie – perceptions

Okay. I am a sucker for art. For music, for films, for photography. And I thank the Lord for bringing this movie upon my path.

This is a movie about art, about the passion of creating a movie, about how a movie can shape and offer a story.

Oki’s Movie is a collection of four short shots that have the same characters but expressed in different circumstances. The movie is constantly making me to think about how our actions can transform our future and how a simple thing can have multiple faces, hidden from the normal human eye.

Student, movie maker, teacher, friend, lover, you can be all of these and support whatever comes your way.

The first part is about friendship and the relationship with other individuals. Can you be good or bad, can you help others or get into their ways. You want to help or you’re looking only for your own wealth and pleasures?

My favorite, second shot movie is about love. Struggling with the idea of wanting someone who isn’t as opened up to you as you think. But things can work out. At least in the movie…

The third is like you could picture a free Q&A session with your teacher…finding out what he thinks about concepts that normal people use in their lives.

The last part is about a combination of two events. Same place, same ideas, same tactics, different people…how personality can change everything.

The whole message of the movie is about living your life correctly. Exploring what you can feel, what you can see. This movie is about to change my perception upon my existential condition.