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Item #: SCP-1107-Delta

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Studies showed that Anomaly can be contained in any large space made entire of concrete walls. The humidity in the cold concrete reduces the possibility of having its micro-cells multiply and travel across dry portions of low-atmosphere. 

Since its usage wasn’t permitted before – nobody knows exactly what happens to the human body once it enters the gates of teleportation. Nor it is known how many times an organic structure can be held together after being ruptured and reconstructed.

Also, thousands of hours of footage revealed that sometimes distorted screams seem to emanate from the vicinity of Anomaly. 

Another required and suggested technique to keep Anomaly from traversing the barriers of spatial and momentum sequences is to have a relatively large number of object in the vicinity of it – empty spaces seems to induce XoC-02 rays that determine how Anomaly can manifest itself in the time-space continuum.

Description: SCP-1107-Delta, also known as “Anomaly” is a microfibrous asynthetic mineral that resembles plasmatic cryo-fiber – holding the potential of teleportation. 

Discovered in September 1999 by Dr. Richard Gruwe while excavating one of the ancient Khalladi tombs in Peru. Note: Addendum 1107-Delta-2 reveals Dr. Gruwe’s diary logs related to the discovery of the tombs and their content.

Initially perceived as a single unit of mineral and catalogued as Site Delta Retrieval no. 11-07, in contact with oxygen and mainly exposed to carbon dioxide and the CS2 formula, SCP-1107-Delta is capable of changing its structure and multiplication. 

And by multiplication – we mean that instances of the substance appeared in several locations, across 200 square feet, only being visible at certain moments and within a short radius from its nucleotide. 

It is believed that Anomaly has an organic structure, permitting it to devour the atoms of subjects that enter its gates of mono-synchronous transmission. Also it has been discovered through a series of ARIA V2 tests that it radiates large quantities of radio-waves. 

Nobody could establish what exactly it is transmitted but it is firmly believed that Anomaly is a gate-way to another dimension, making it invaluable.

Through a further series of ARIA V3 and V5 tests – it has been concluded that the human DNA is a blocker for its radio-waves – which allows humans to remain for larger periods of time near Anomaly.

A Global Governamental Force has been established in order to prioritize the study of SCP-1107-Delta.

A new series of laws now permit the usage of Anomaly. Someone has to discover what lies beyond its micro-cell barriers. 

Addendum 1107-Delta-1: Excerpt from “A Case-Study of Anomaly” by Dr. Richard Gruwe.

It came to my attention that it has been recorded a 2.0866 seconds sound variation while video-investigating Anomaly. The cameras were put up 3 weeks ago, almost to the day, in order to have footage of Anomaly manifesting itself. A plasmatic, ghastly substance continuously moving in a 360° quantum-arc – engaging with our atmosphere and at times, having a behavior similar to the distant, enigmatic black holes. 

The sound variation occurred on the 23rd of September at 06.09 AM. Tempering with the audio file, increasing its volume and clearing up the background noise – the clearer version of it seems to be a sort of voice screaming. 

I am more concerned with what it can be heard other than the fact that this came from this unknown Anomaly. It is a male voice. It says “Save Yourselves. Repent.” in an old forgotten Inca dialect. Could it be that we disturbed some native ancestors of the people who sealed up the tomb? Intriguing and disturbing at the same time. I keep looking at this exponate and I get cold shivers.

Addendum 1107-Delta-2: Excerpt from Dr. Richard Gruwe’s 1999 diary logs.

06 September – An entire summer without any success. Only hard work and hoping that something might reveal itself to us and see the light of the Sun again. Inti is not pleased with us. The weather getting cold, only depressed us even more. We are all tired. We still dig and dig and find nothing.

07 September – Brian and Jocelyn left for Mexico today. The others look at me with tired eyes and I can see on their faces they want to leave as well. I try to take an afternoon nap and I find myself dreaming of an empty cold chamber. Suddenly I can’t breathe. I woke up to the sound of jungle birds and dissipated chatter. And a distant thunder.

08 September – The villages near us got flooded. We are now in danger. The site accumulates water more rapidly than we can drain it. I’ve been soaked for hours now. Luckily it wasn’t so cold today, so we could try and save the site. Still it has been re-shaped.

09 September – The mud washed up and from afar, Toryamo saw a block that seemed man-made. Thank Heavens and the Inti God. It is a crypt, a buried tomb, a lost hope for us. We will start digging immediately. Everyone’s eager to see if we found something of value here.

10 September – We managed to open the tomb. A suffocating, ancient cloud of dust greeted us. When we first shed light into the empty chamber we could only see stone columns and decayed wood. We decided that we should enter and explore further. One step into the cold chamber and I felt like stepping into another reality. It must be really old. 

The architecture of it is simplistic enough, the total space sums up 45 square meters. It has the form of the “T” letter with a stone cylinder sculpted in the middle. This seems to be some sort of covered well. 

Or it could have been used as an altar. In any case, the upper part of it seems to be independent from the rest of the structure, so we can try to displace it and see where it leads.

Almighty Inti and the Council of Viracocha! We found something!

It might be a gate-way to another dimension. It continuously shapes and reshapes – and it feels abstract. When we first opened up the lid from this fountain, it ascended towards us. Then it gave birth to two more. One of them swallowed all our tools. Tomiyocha wanted to touch it – but we all agreed this thing might hurt him or even worse, cause his demise. We are not sure if it is safe. One part of me wants to go through it – the other fears the evil it might contain.

11 September – We named it Anomaly. And it silently strikes fear into everyone.

Pandemonium Crypt Obscure [Horror Poem]

Pandemonium. Crypt obscure.

Wetlands, woods, a night that bleeds…

Sick ignition. Flame that’s sure.

Hell is spawning blackened seeds.

It goes viral. Goes insane!

Lumière. Your dark. My madness.

That are worms that breath out strain,

Drowned-out truth is fading essence.

Crystal balls. And rituals…

Nothing ever mattered here.

Breathing coal – habitual,

These are cubes in shapes of sphere.

Look at me! And taste the blade.

Morning mist. Ascent descending,

Early death but rotting late,

Taking smiles but sorrow sending.

Are you here? Or I am dreamt?

Cry non-existentialism. Deform!

This is nothing. It was meant.

You. In blood. The guilt. My storm.


There Was Chaos [Dark Poem]

There was chaos born delightful

Into broken glass on shelves.

Frozen, humid, dark and frightful…

Colorless rainbows themselves.

Speak no evil, hear no less

Burnt in corners, shadows cry

Be the voice of the regress

Cough up fog and melt the sky.

Cogs and wheels and rusty blades.

Neons, cans and garbage bags.

You, yourself – the ace of spades

When you hurt – the sickness spreads.

Raindrops falling in abyss…

When you suffer, when you die.

Non-existentialist dismiss

There was chaos in goodbye.



We Live On Borrowed Time [Poem]

We live on borrowed time,

And we forget to spend it right.

We run, we dwell, we try and fall

But never really live enough.


We live on borrowed time,

And lose these days without a smile.

We fall like leaves, we break and die

And life becomes a fruitless mile.


We live on borrowed time,

We pay these seconds with our soul.

The clockmaker is inexpressive.

We can’t escape the faithless toll…


We live on borrowed time,

And death is waiting in your path.

You’re here today and on this morning.

Tomorrow – dead and rotten in the dark.


We live on borrowed time,

And then we die and fade away.

So ask yourself one little thing…

You really are alive today?