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When Blue Butterflies Die – Chapter One: Fire

[Warning: the following text is a fictional work that contains disturbing imagery. Reader discretion is advised.]

“A full moon is an opened home to the pack of wolves. They might gather and surround a victim, but men are hiding in their shadows.”

Octal Movott – The Aphrotic Epistolae


13 October 1855 – Letter 1

Today I buried my wife.

After a long struggle with her disease, she finally gave up and accepted it. She was calm in these final moments – a calmness that even the graves sing. A coagulated fog surrounded the people gathered at the ceremony and a scent of crude and warm epileptic mud – rose in the distressed afternoon air.

My eyes were fixed on the blackened cedar casket that was gently descending into the fearful storm of afflicted soil. Flashes of a pale portrait – smiling with a paraplegic expression towards the cascading sun…

I couldn’t accept it. Wanted it.. but couldn’t. Seeing her sad eyes made my mind turn around.  That is probably why I did it. The reason I killed the rest of them. Probably if I go over this again – it might make more sense – and again – it might not.


The moon was watching from up above, as the workers gathered their tools in silence. The woods were showered with a bluish Chrysocolla nuance, as if angels from above flew over their heads and tiny fragments of spores from their wings decided to form a cloud of aerial fantasy – to delight their visions.

The blue dust and the blackness of the trees were painted in such contrast, that anyone who would land their eyes on this framed mural would think that it is an unnatural and rare phenomenon. This would happen only in the early autumn nights.

Too many of them caught the fatigued men in these soundless forests… but work was getting harder and demands were increasing so, them – with their faithful tools – were breathing Chrysocolla spores while wondering what mystifying explanation might be hidden behind the magical spectacle.

Nobody would say a word – too tired or too uninterested in sharing thoughts or any sort of sentence sculpted in the voice inflection. But once in a while – somebody would interrupt the silence and speak.

– All the axes gathered? said a tall man with a orange light emanating from his short and almost-burnt cigar, hanging from his left corner of his oblique mouth.

– Ye’ all gather’d. Counted ’em me self. Said a young boy that looked not even 17 with his large greenish coat and patched brown hat.

– Can’t see the crosscut… added the man while raising his head above the collection of rusty, convulsing metals.

– It’s in ‘ere.. below them hammers and them other saws.. It’s in ‘ere.. replied the boy.

The man sighed as he gently patted the boy’s shoulder. He thought that this work might be too hard for the young lad who just recently lost both his parents. But he was his nephew and he had to care of him. Anyways – being bathed in the Chrysocolla spores was a just distraction for the boy’s trembling mind – too early tried by the existence’s sick paradoxes.

They were eight fellas in a two horse-driven cart – with almost 100 kilos of metal clanging with a inanimate, deep voice besides them and four oil-lamps with yellow glass, flickering as the cart was floating towards Thurmond.

It has been a long day and tomorrow was Sunday, so they could catch-up on some sleep and their Sunday routines – church, a game of poker, breaking bottles in Cindy’s saloon, reading old newspapers or shooting down arrows from the Castle’s bridge.

Thurmond – a little town in West Virginia that seems sewn into existence by a group of travelers from god-forsaken lands was now house to Thomas Caldwell and his nephew Deric Patment. An inquiring destiny brought them together in this place – where Deric learned that his remaining days will be on his own – trapped into a tornado of unknown faces and intentions – with just his uncle being familiar but not close enough, to assure him a certain degree of comfort.

Deric was a silent boy – he could read and write but with clockwork’s ambition – slowly and clearly clinical. His job as wood-chopper aide wasn’t suited for him since his fragile body had to endure weights beyond his own. Yet – being in the heart of mother-nature was his only caress. He hated staying indoors or doing kitchen-work or delivery like some lads of his age – so with determination – he thought that he will surpass even the most difficult of times.

Sunday in Thurmond was like the repetitive advertising notices on the wooden walls of the town’s outskirts.. 20 or 30 raw-paper posters with the same ecclesiastical drawing and maneuvered message announcing the 5th edition of Thurmond Coal Festival. A three-day event in which everyone would gather and talk about the work done throughout the year, in the mines below their dusty town, they would drink beer from Coldman’s brewing workroom and listen to Betty Bopette’s latest songs – engaging in vivid and ferocious western-dances.


Deric was standing near the church’s gates observing two lizards with caramelized coats trying to bite each other with toothless tiny mouths.

People were silently walking down the footpath to the church. The sun was sending blazes of warmth towards the dusty street. A fictional wind swept away a dried bush from the middle of the thirsty road. It was silence. Too silent..

Minute after minute the silence grew and dreamt another wave of quiescence – until a grave scream, coming from volcanic lungs made Deric jump into his feet – frantically looking around him. He smelled smoke and something that he couldn’t describe but made his stomach dithered.

People from town ran towards him – towards the church where apparently the distorted smells were coming from. Deric was greeted by the sight of his uncle, running along other men towards him and into the church’s front yard. Eric followed.. sneaking past the brutes that made a human chain in front of him.

He froze as he saw the incarnation of evil boiling in front of him in chasm flames. He knew what the smell gauging his stomach’s eyes was provoked by…

All the people from church were nailed or bolted unto metal platforms of visceral forms as they were engulfed in flames bearing the same blue chromosomal nuance that delighted his sight only hours before. They were all still alive but the agony on their faces wrote down martyrical chants. They were screaming and screaming, trying to move their mutilated bodies in a poor attempt to save themselves.

How this could’ve happened? How this grotesque display of demented death was born without no-one noticing anything wrong? What force was involved into torturing these poor souls?

Deric took a step back and blood started to slowly drain from his eyes. As the fading voice of his uncle stated his name – he felt his body weightless, his arms and legs became numb and he fell onto his back…

Above – he saw an unclear image of a giant butterfly-shaped entity, with a deformed human face, bearing large wings with blue scales.

[to be continued…]

The Dark Occult – Conceptual Review

When you start playing an indie horror game that puts you into a haunted, decaying Victorian-style mansion – you wouldn’t say that after more than 30 hours you are still trying to get all the elements of the game and finish the puzzles you are offered to complete.

But if you try to play a game with as little help from walkthroughs as possible – you will discover that you start memorizing paths and corridors and where each room is situated. For me – this game started completely fascinating – but soon I realized the dark tones of the construction in the game – along with the constant attacks from demons – lead you to hours and hours of trying to unlock all the secrets.

The_Dark_Occult-Win64-Shipping 2018-11-19 10-39-17-64

The Dark Occult – initially named The Conjuring House – is a first-person psychological horror game – developed by Rym Games.

You enter this abandoned mansion only to discover that once you’ve entered it – the door behind you becomes a brick wall and that you have to survive the night. First of all, you encounter locked doors – bearing the signs of the Zodiac. You have to unlock boxes and wardrobes – you have to collect artifacts in order to eliminate the dark forces that materialized in this place. You have to survive the attacks of the demons that come after you.

Soon this survival transforms into a rushed exploration of each corner, room, corridor and dungeon.

The_Dark_Occult-Win64-Shipping 2018-11-19 10-40-25-65

There is a variety of elements that put together the plot. In order to destroy the evil force inside the mansion – you have to collect 5 sacred artifacts and burn them – to destroy the spells and the demons. Little by little by reading notes and letters you discover that the owners – especially the wife of the mansion’s owner – was involved in a cult that sacrificed people and brought doom into our dimension.

The_Dark_Occult-Win64-Shipping 2018-11-19 10-42-03-32
Getting all the necessary items becomes impossible at some point. In order to get to a key of a specific artifact – you have to complete other puzzles. For example for getting the code to a safe you have to conjure up a spirit. Therefore you need voodoo dolls, an Ouija pointer and so on.

You have to explore and re-explore certain areas because you don’t always find the right specific items in the order you desire. One elements lead to another and the mansion because a dark maze in which you are trapped.

Demonic dolls start attacking you, the floors and door creak in a sinister tongue, and the demons are always behind you – when you least expect it.

As I was saying – I played the game over a few days now – I spend even 9 hours one day in order to see what comes next – I currently have more than 31 hours of gameplay and I still haven’t found all the relics – found only two artifacts and almost all the keys except 3 or 4. I discovered most parts of the attic, second floor, first floor and the basement dungeons. At some points I became trapped and I got killed several times – but with persistence I managed to move on from these locations only to discover that I have no idea what to do next.

As a guide I would suggest exploring and re-exploring the areas – saving as often as possible.

The shades and the dark areas only lit by a fireplace, the haulings of the banshees, the silence of abandonment, the surroundings, the music behind the brutal attacks and the sounds of rats which are everywhere make this game to have a unique atmosphere. I recommend it of you need a long exploring and tensionate game – and you have the patience for it.

The_Dark_Occult-Win64-Shipping 2018-11-30 23-22-39-77

Ritual [Horror Poem]

The heart stopped beating,

The corpse is filled

With maggots eating out the flesh…

And the desire of the wicked

Lets me to taste your blood – it’s fresh.

A shiny blade into the darkness,

So easily conformed and cold…

Unnecessary people dying,

A scream while cutting off their throat.

A ritual, an incantation,

A spell to call the demons forth –

From depths of Hell into our word –

Pagans recite sinister songs.

They dance blindfolded,

Dance in darkness…

Naked, wild, in agony.

Blood showers, flames of pleasure…

They kill, they bring your nullity.

They crack the skull, they rip the skin,

They mutilate and desecrate,

They cut the victim into pieces

Leaving them at the Hell’s gate.

They bear no names, they bear no soul.

They’re empty shelves – vessels of cold –

And while you die in misery

They stay the same, they don’t get old.