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Halloween [Poem]

The darkest shades of autumn’s breath

Embrace themselves in dance tonight.

A silent whisper from the wolves,

Explaining what is wrong and right.

I might begin to understand

The shallow silhouettes which are

Writing blood letters on parchments

And hanging them out on the wall.

In distance, ghouls and skeletons

With old and dusty robes and knives

Are drinking pumpkin ale, – Rejoice!

Because the night is up, – No light…

In costumes, people cross the street,

With tricks and treats and dirty feet.

With fears and hopes and evil laughter,

The night has brought them all together.

And in the corner of the eye,

Another shadow stays to watch

With bloody blades and no remorse…

Its wicked intentions start to hatch.

It’s Halloween, the dawn of life!

A colorful, mixed-up spectacle,

With grapes, with leaves, an orange sky…

Enjoy the song of pumpkin pie.