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Essential Dubstep – Part 01

For my part in this allegory I am going to post here some of my favorite dubstep tracks. I just realized I haven’t talked about dubstep in eons… Some of the pieces here are quite old but I think of them as essential for the listener. There are also some drum’n’bass remixes and electro-nuances throughout the tracks. Enjoy.

Dead CAT Bounce – Solution (Twitch Remix)

Figure – The Brink (Original Mix)

Gemini – Vision

Ellie Goulding – Your Song (Blackmill Dubstep Remix)

Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams (Kaon & Akadz Remix)

Walk Home – Sure, Whatever

Skrillex – Right In (Katakai Remix)

Skrillex – Kill Everybody (Drum and Bass Drive)

Knife Party – Fire Hive

Brand New – Daisy (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)