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Cosplay: Subculture Sense

There’s a period in everyone’s life when they decide what type of personality will they make public – what image will they be associated with. People have interests, hobbies, things they enjoy doing, reading about, practicing – things that represent them. We are all unique and we all have something to fight for.

It is a well-known truth and still there are some that actually don’t agree with the idea. They are always looking to find a way to display their emotional in-activities through complaints and bad behavior. I call them haters.

Not everybody is attracted to science. Not everybody enjoys movies, visual arts, cooking, gaming and so. That’s why people divided into little groups called subcultures – each of them representing something that the individual likes, loves, adores, lives for. Cosplay is one of these things.

At first – people interested in creating a real-life image of their favorite characters from anime, games, movies and other media products – were individuals that kept their interests hidden from the outside wold. They existed only in a virtual realm – where they could share infos and ideas about their passion.

Soon after that, conventions made it possible for them to publicly express their interests. They gather around and show the world what they’ve been up to, what costumes they worked on and what characters from a fictional universe are better represented in reality.

The picture [left] – representing Marvel’s Bishoujo Black Widow – cosplayed by VampBeauty is one of the many examples of why this cosplay phenomenon is having such a success.

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AFA 2011: Eyes On Angela

The time til Anime Festival Asia 20011 will begin is getting shorter. So, I wanted to tell you a bit about one of the featured artists that will make sensations during the third day of the show.

Have you ever heard of Angela [Vocals: Atsuko – Guitar: Katsu]? This duo is capable of creating a great atmosphere when showing their skills. Atsuko has a great voice – I just listen to one of their songs as I write.

Their genre is a mixture of dance, rock, electronica and other experimental feelings. Per total they are amazing. I wished I could see them on a real event such as AFA. But I’m way too far from that place. I have a Facebook friend from Singapore so I should ask her if she knows about this event and if she happens to be there.

Anyway – Angela is my new attraction. Their music appeared in two important anime series – Sokyuu no Fafner and Seitokai Yakuindomo.

Below you have a song that melted my heart. It is amazing.

Queen’s Blade: Character Song Vol. 2

Today I found myself listening to the second volume of the Queen’s Blade Character Song. In the center of attention – Tomoe.

The second volume offers one melody – Hinodezuru Hana Tomoe vers. – the Karaoke version of the song and a short audio-drama. Of course that I barely understood something but the only thing that really captured my attention was the passion put into creating this audio show. Lovely acting and lovely voices.

The track is quite something. I really enjoy how the Japanese people can create beautiful and original music. By using traditional instruments, they create melodies perfect for every emotion that tries you.

It’s about creativity, thereore music is something that keeps on being constructed.

Some final notes about this album – whenever I need a bit of inspiration and ideas, I’ll put my trust into Noto Mamiko’s words from the song. You can try to feel the same way I am. Below is your chance.