Cosplay: Subculture Sense

There's a period in everyone's life when they decide what type of personality will they make public - what image will they be associated with. People have interests, hobbies, things they enjoy doing, reading about, practicing - things that represent them. We are all unique and we all have something to fight for. It is… Continue reading Cosplay: Subculture Sense


AFA 2011: Eyes On Angela

The time til Anime Festival Asia 20011 will begin is getting shorter. So, I wanted to tell you a bit about one of the featured artists that will make sensations during the third day of the show. Have you ever heard of Angela [Vocals: Atsuko - Guitar: Katsu]? This duo is capable of creating a… Continue reading AFA 2011: Eyes On Angela

Queen’s Blade: Character Song Vol. 2

Today I found myself listening to the second volume of the Queen's Blade Character Song. In the center of attention - Tomoe.The second volume offers one melody - Hinodezuru Hana Tomoe vers. - the Karaoke version of the song and a short audio-drama. Of course that I barely understood something but the only thing that… Continue reading Queen’s Blade: Character Song Vol. 2