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Peace & Quiet


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So… I’ve been planning to post this for a while now… It is Saturday.. long day.. long week..

It is 10:28 and I’m drinking a hot cup of coffee.. Sleep.. goodbye my friend :))

I’ve been quite missing sleep the last 6 or 7 weeks. Since I began my master’s degree in E-Business all I do is work and study. Now and then I watch some movies and some episodes from a show with my girl, play some games late at night, obsess over some tracks from various soundtracks and kinda.. that’s all.

I learn how to code. I study procedural programming. I study descriptive and inferential statistics. I study the C language. I study web frameworks. And I fucking love it!

I also study 5 new subjects at the University. Over the summer I studied microeconomics and European economics. I’m in a process of on-going study since the beginning of July. Gets tiresome sometimes but there’s nothing a warm hug and a massage can’t fix. [love u wifey for that].

I have projects in mind for this site – but since I am learning to enter the programming community and leave my fucking job – which I fucking hate right now btw – all the fucked up retards that come and go and fucking people that I have to spend time with – can’t do much…

I will start replaying every single game I can recall playing – on consoles or PC – write an elaborate list – with links and reviews and screenshots. And yes – I want to create my own game someday – so I am studying hard for that – and play on every occasion.

Currently I play Soko-Ban! – and old puzzle game, Jewel Quest, Torchlight, Unreal Tournament 2004, Black Mesa, Half Life, The Evil Within (which I adoooore), Saw – The Videogame, Dishonored, Turok, The Longest Journey, Amnesia – A Machine for Pigs, Far Cry and Prey – along with other two Hentai titles  – Fuuju Hime and Love Ribbon – which I will not discuss in detail (yet). :)))

And I play now and then – sadly for me..

Also I have written lists with movies I’ve seen – gotta write that down too. The anime series I’ve seen are structured and organized. All I need is some fucking time to escape from all the responsibilities. And post. But time will come.. eventually :))

I recently finished all the Penumbra games, Layers of Fear and the Inheritance DLC, Outlast, Bioshock, which I absolutely adore. Next on my list are the Call of Duty games and everything horror I can get my hands on.

But enough talking.. tonight’s the night.. and it’s going to happen again.. and again.. (like Dexter said).. Let’s play!!

Six Months And Counting :)

And the story begins like this.

Early morning. Crowded places. Busy traffic. Lots of sleepy people among which – we find ourselves too. And we start to talk. General stuff because we are strangers. We don’t want to appear weird or stuff from the very first beginning.

Days pass.. we still talk. Universe, movies, jobs, love, people. We kinda get along. We both know it.

Weeks pass.. we see each other for the first time. And you were the first to tell you liked me. First walk together, first real words to each other, first pictures together, first kiss. After that we grew fond of each other. Now and then I fucked up – the boyfriend’s mission :)))) and I made you sad, but you forgave me and I started to change… cuz you know I need you to stay.

We traveled together, took part in the city’s events, we cooked, laughed, embraced, discussed, spend late nights together, kissed first thing in the morning, encouraged one another, changed ideas, worked on ourselves and we helped each other. For everything you did for me I thank you. You are the one I was looking for apparently. And you showed up.

Six months ago. Six months together. Six months of love and joy… and still counting.

I Love You.


Remembering: Portal

So.. Today beside studying microeconomics I re-played one of my favorite games – Portal. A first person interactive puzzle adventure game, Portal takes you to an abandoned facility where you play the role of a test-subject – guided by a robotic voice belonging to the facility’s villain GLaDOS. You solve a number of test in order to end up o a fire-course which you have to beat and escape – this taking you to the layer of GlaDOS – which you have to destroy.

hl2 2017-09-17 16-05-50-53
Something very interesting I found today was that someone has actually worked on a transcript of all the voice-lines used in the game. Not an easy thing to do if you ask me. You can read all the script following this linkPortal Game Script.

The game lasts about an hour and continues with a more detailed story in Portal 2. In Portal you learn about the functions of the Portal gun, prospects of momentum, you solve environmental puzzles and gain info about the facility’s history. Portal 2 features more puzzles and intriguing facts. Wanted to play Portal 2 therefore I started with the first game – which I think I played more than 20 times :))). #gamerproblems.


Final Fantasy Game List

1805Since I started playing again the original Final Fantasy game – the first one to be and to open up the posibilities of the future games – I decided to write a list (more copying it from another website) of the Final Fantasy games, each with all their releases on different consoles.

I am currently playing the game on my tablet using a Game Boy Advance emulator. I tried the game with a NES emulator and with a PSP one – but my favorite is the release for the GBA – Final Fantasy I & II – Dawn of Souls.

I will write a review of the first game eventually, sometime later this month.

Game                                                                              Console                                       Release Date      Score

Games and other media in the BioShock series

Since I finished the first Bioshock game I wanted to post something related to all the media that is related to the Bioshock Universe.

Never tried patches but played the DLC for Bioshock Infinite. And I will try playing Bioshock 2 and the DLC for the single player – later today.