Six Months And Counting :)

And the story begins like this. Early morning. Crowded places. Busy traffic. Lots of sleepy people among which - we find ourselves too. And we start to talk. General stuff because we are strangers. We don't want to appear weird or stuff from the very first beginning. Days pass.. we still talk. Universe, movies, jobs,… Continue reading Six Months And Counting 🙂


Remembering: Portal

So.. Today beside studying microeconomics I re-played one of my favorite games - Portal. A first person interactive puzzle adventure game, Portal takes you to an abandoned facility where you play the role of a test-subject - guided by a robotic voice belonging to the facility's villain GLaDOS. You solve a number of test in… Continue reading Remembering: Portal

Final Fantasy Game List

Since I started playing again the original Final Fantasy game - the first one to be and to open up the posibilities of the future games - I decided to write a list (more copying it from another website) of the Final Fantasy games, each with all their releases on different consoles. I am currently… Continue reading Final Fantasy Game List

Games and other media in the BioShock series

Since I finished the first Bioshock game I wanted to post something related to all the media that is related to the Bioshock Universe. Never tried patches but played the DLC for Bioshock Infinite. And I will try playing Bioshock 2 and the DLC for the single player - later today. Games and other media… Continue reading Games and other media in the BioShock series

Dear Diary… [v. 0.0.13]

♠ The last couple of days were all about having fun and studying. ♠ Played and finished Layers of Fear. ♠ Played and finished Layers of Fear: Inheritance. ♠ Played and finished Bioshock. ♠ Played Freedom Fighters and Mirror's Edge. ♠ Studied Economy [basic concepts, its utility, daily usage of it, its roles, micro and… Continue reading Dear Diary… [v. 0.0.13]