Comic Art: Ethereal Details

I can’t say I am a big fan of comics.. besides a few chapters of The Darkness and The Walking Dead – I didn’t indulge myself into anything. And I hear there are a few titles worth anyone’s time.

Maybe I should read some. With artworks like this.. who doesn’t love spiders?

Fairytale Fantasies

You all know the stories you grew up with… stories of heroes and princesses, villains and evil creatures, dramatization of the human soul, stories of hatred, love, revenge and even treachery.

But have you ever seen these heroines like this?

Merry Christmas

A bit clicheic but for all of you, out there, sleeping or just getting ready to sleep, or just waking up.. Merry Christmas.

It is 2:48 in the morning, my girlfriend sleeps with her new tiger plushie, I managed to play some Dead Space..and now I am tired. But before immersing into the dreamland wanted to say Merry Christmas. I hope everyone spends it the way they like and the new year will bring better things for me and everyone else. - 212044 sample