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It’s been a while since watching some anime series. I’ve got to get back into it. And this title seemed interesting enough for me to engage with it.

In/Spectre is mystery / supernatural / action series based on the manga with the same name.

Might start doing reviews again after completing the series.

Pokemon Sword and Shield – Promotional Video

There is a new theatrical trailer of the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield game, that will be released this year on the 15th of November for Nintendo Switch.

The game will have an improved battle system and a whole new world to be explored. There will be an expanse called the Wild Area in which players will be challenged by wild and powerful Pokemon.

When starting your journey you will be able to choose one Pokemon from Grookey, Scorbunny or Sobble.

Re:Memory – Dragon Ball [Suite 01] – Emperor Pilaf Saga

There was a time.. a long time ago.. when I discovered the Dragon Ball anime. It was broadcast after 2 P.M. in the afternoon – and every single day I was hurrying back home from school to catch the day’s episode of Goku’s adventures.

I remember I was mystified, I was captivated by the richness of the story, the complexity of it, and I was living the emotions of each of the episodes.

Then.. I started writing down detailed reviews of the episodes, creating a memoir of Dragon Ball facts.

I can’t say what happened to those notebooks.. since this was ages ago..

And here I am.. lots of years after watching the first episode of Dragon Ball, not only re-watching the entire series.. to catch up with the new releases of episodes, but also reading the manga and setting up a series of articles in which is discussed the story of the Dragon Ball universe.


Dragon Ball (1986-1989) was the first anime released as an adaptation of the manga. The series covers the manga chapters 1-194. Dragon Ball Z is set in the chapters numbered 195-519. I watched Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z entirely some years ago..and I wanted to refresh the memory of the story beginning to re-watch the series.

The first 13 episodes consist of the Emperor Pilaf Saga.

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Crazy For It – Review


Music NISHIDA Shuta (dr. KANEGAWA Takuya) Assistant MAIYA Satomi / KAMIOSAKO Toshiki

© KUBO Yutaro / 2012


Kubo Yutaro graduated from Tokyo Polytechnic University in 2012.

He is known for animated productions such as 00.08, Kicking Box, Balloon and Crazy For It. His style is unique, effervescent and reinvigorating – using abstract forms and dancing lines and shapes to take the viewer out of the ordinary. Just like other of his animations – Crazy For It begins as a sketch of a simplistic fact of life – a man wants to brush his teeth and in the midst of this peculiar, random and mundane act – flashes of color and imagery of how the mind can wander off when it is not occupied with dilemmas – appear. We see an escape into a world filled with impossible contours, shadows, congruent silhouettes, figures and abstracted symmetry.

We observe the materials used in the creation of this short film – colored ink, ballpoint pens and oil-based pastels. The first part of the movie has a white background while the second part invokes a darker one. Also there are tons of nuances and colors used – striking variety and how the mind can perceive reality an transform it into subliminal musical and visual poetry.

It is a tale about the limits of creativity and expression of the artist’s potential through a visualized day-dream.

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