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Now My Son…


Emerging Chapter 01 – Manga Review

Emerging is a horror manga created by Hokazono Masaya. It was first published in 2004.


It begins describing a normal day in the Japanese society – a group of students heading for a lunch break. An invitation to a movie, a gossip, a moment of peace and joy.

On the other side we have another character, Yamada, who is introduced as suffering from an unknown illness. Everywhere he goes, he is spreading a virus. The difference between the two introductory scenes depict a plot that will develop into tragedy. The author started with the quiet point in time telling that you cannot always be ready for an obscure event.

Most of the horror/thriller/mystery manga series that I’ve read until now have these comparisons between calm and restless scenes – a description of a normal, conventional, methodical and standard day as opposed to a dark, grim, austere situation.

What would seem a normal and quiet afternoon would soon transform into a bath of blood – in which the protagonists presented at the beginning of the chapter will encounter each other. A moment of madness and everything goes wrong. We see here a split-second of tragic paranoia in which one of the characters is going to find his end.

These scenes are very well depicted through the facial expressions of those surrounding the victim. I’ve seen similar work in Junji Ito’s manga volumes – and these scenes capture the very essence of the character’s misfortune.


The next episode of this first chapter introduces an investigation about what really happened with the sick individual. As you can tell I am not offering dozens of spoilers – if you’re interested in checking this manga out – so I am stating only important points in the story-line. The manga can get real dark and hard to digest at some points – but the plot feels unique.

The medical examination brings forth unusual aspects of what really happened and soon – the doctors involved have reasons to believe that this particular case – is not only strange but also put them at risk. This first chapter raises a ton of questions… but the most important one is how everyone involved is going to survive this virus?

[to be continued…]


It Feels Like Rain (Poem)

It’s dark, it’s cold, it feels like rain.

I feel the mist, the death approaching…

Nevertheless the coffin brakes

And flies from underground are floating.

I’m dead.. you’re dead.

The souls are rotting.

Your chances minimizing faith,

Into abyssal bliss are dropping.

I’m dark. I’m human. I’m alive.

I was good once… now I am evil.

Awake, eternity I strive,

Embracing obscurity’s receival.

I say goodbye to earthly things…

I need my darkest sleep of reason.

Behold the quantum orb of kings,

Their history evolved in treason.

No thunder smiles, no tender gestures,

Nor day, nor night, nor noon, nor dawn…

They grow apart apocalyptic textures

For Rome and ruined Pantheon…

And blissfully away I run,

Embracing moments that I gain.

Life quadrupling under no Sun…

It’s dark, it’s cold, it feels like rain.