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The Week In Color [29]


My Stories: An Essay

I was always fond of stories.

A depiction of an act – told in such manner that it would permit my mind to absorb its elements and transport them into an image I created in my imagination’s realms – a self-way of interpreting the visuals or the spoken words I’ve heard, the music-lines or any of the other components present there.

And since I was a child I noticed that I have this inner-desire to consume stories. My grandfather was a literature professor. He knows his share of stories.. and when he introduced me to reversal films known as the projection of diapositives – and told us in his own way, the stories that were visually depicted there – some Romanian fairy-tales.. the atmosphere of the room, the penumbra installed in the evening, the smells of old cardboard boxes in which the diafilms were kept – I was mesmerized. And after a few years I began school and started to read. Soon after I began writing my own stories.

Tales of heroes fighting monsters and saving villages, traveling the world to obtain various magical items and set the world right again.

I wrote a short movie script at some point, a tale of people living in a world in which dinosaurs still existed, an Aztec-themed short stories and many more.

And now I still keep writing – short stories, dark poems, essays and interactive prose. I consider myself a creator. And my creation is a part of the things I want to artistically state. And for that I tend to stay and study various concepts and themes I cross upon.


Knowledge is one of the things I learned that I need. And knowing various things helped me in my writing and my other projects.

Story. A narrative reporting a series of events which involve a number of characters, their backgrounds, an action towards a certain desired finale, descriptions of the locations and time in which the events take place.

While writing something I always consider the reason why I chose to discuss that topic. Most of my poems are linked to certain events or feelings that crawl up inside my brain during that day. For example I wrote the Halloween poem after carving two pumpkins which inspired me to describe the hours of this holiday – that I actually celebrated. I wrote Ritual because I felt disconnected to the world and wanted to create something that would shock an audience – inspire them to carefully reflect upon daily choices and ways of acting.

Of course I feel above the average human while creating – writing and having created a certain imagination product gives me a note of power – I become the dictator of my own intellect.

Back to stories… while exercising my creativity I am able to create an entire universe of fictional principles and aspects. A while back I was confronted with a problem – I wasn’t sure which type of written communication I should embrace – fictional or non-fictional. I am very fond of scientific knowledge, history and straight-truthful cultural information. I watch tons of documentaries sometimes and search for information related to actual meaning behind our evolution and purpose. I contributed to Wikipedia knowledge, wrote reviews and lists of carefully studied materials. But still – I find it quite hard to remain impersonal in my writing. I ended up studying Journalism – but when I discovered it is all just a fucking bullshit – a domain in which you have to lie and deal with ignorant idiots – and I was inclined to the artistic side of things I took up design and photography. I learned by myself various tactics and techniques to help along my journey. And now I am into programming and building up informational systems, websites and I am learning IDE’s for creating videogames.

But anyways – all can be resumed to one thing – my desire of creating a story.

I began writing a trilogy of dark thrillers called – When Blue Butterflies Die. A dark spasm of intermingled psychological twines. You can read its first chapter here. Another future project that I have in my mind is creating a certain database of various characters – an exercise in developing better characters – with various cultural and historical backgrounds, with their uniqueness and view of the world.

While reading – I also pick up various things that I want to expose in my own world-view. Recently I read some of H.P Lovecraft’s works and I was stunned by the complex simplicity of their contents. Such short stories with explosive impact upon the reader’s mind. I discovered that I absolutely love reading manga works. Psychological, horror, drama and other serious genres seem just made for me. Not to mention the stories visually depicted in the series and movies I get my hands on.

The content-value is what drives me to want to consume more of it.

There aren’t thousand of stories that delight me – but when I discover one – it occupies a place on my favorites shelf.

And I revisit them from time to time – dwelling into the same stories gives me a sense of accomplishment.