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Hike: Luna de Sus

It’s been a while since I’ve actually written something on this blog.

And this series of articles were on my mind for some time. So I wanted to capture this moment and blog about the trip I’ve taken today in one of the places near my current home-town, Cluj-Napoca.

There is something about a winter Sunday in desolate places like the asymmetric valleys of Luna. I’ve been a few times here, experimenting the natures touch in summer, autumn and winter. But the winter has been painting the landscape with a note of sepia nuances.

Up from the middle of the village there is a straight road leading to a natural area, home to wild life and to a landscape almost untouched my human hands. Time and gravity has been slowing pushing down and molded the relief.

A long valley traversing between hills and forests, mainly forests consisting of conifers.

We could see fox activity and mainly small birds. The urban noise is mostly blocked in this part so that you can actually hear very clearly each flap of wing – when a bird traverses above you, especially from crows which have bigger wings and actually push more air when flying.

The entire area is actually the bottom of an ancient hydrographic network. The hills were formed by the traversing aquatic currents. The forests are relatively new.

In Luna I’ve discovered last year, a few zones filled with millions of fossils of a marine creature called Numulite, which lived up to 5 million years ago and which I actually have a few specimens in my personal collection of rocks and fossils.

The fresh snow layer which formed this morning gave the place a unique and distinct visual aspect. A small stream formed in a small crevasse leading up to one of the roads. A forest of tall conifers. And a long way up to another distant hill.

A total of up to 5 km from the bus station. And no one around. Just fresh air and the quietness of a warm winter day.

A new part of the world conquered.