Rendering Fear (Development Log)

One of the major things that I want to accomplish this year, on my personal achievements plan is the second video-game that I am actively creating.

Welcome to the land of Agna’thus. Welcome to RENDERING FEAR.

Functionalities (64-bit Development PCD3D_SM5) 2_10_2020 9_38_12 PM

Set in a desolate magical land – you will have the chance to explore and discover the mysteries of this forgotten realm, the lost culture of the Khaladdi people.

Rendering Fear is a dark, open-world, first-person adventure game with horror elements. The idea of it came while I was working on my previous video-game – A Tale Of Madness. And now – the concept behind it started to get materialized.

I’ve built up some of the functionalities in the game, until this very moment. I also chose to create quite a huge map – which will require lots of hours of level design. A released date hasn’t been yet decided. The official announcement of the project on gaming sites will occur somewhere in the middle of March.

Functionalities (64-bit Development PCD3D_SM5) 2_10_2020 9_32_52 PM

The functionalities present in the game will dictate the capabilities of the gameplay:

Custom UI (front camera widget, custom cross-hair, journal)

You will be able to collect artefacts and books while engaging with the environment, exploring all the areas, trying to get to certain points on the map. A journal widget with more than 20 pages will tell you the story of Agna’thus and the Khaladdi people.

Custom Particle Systems

Unreal Engine 4 has an inner built-up system for creating particles – and by experimenting with this tool I could create some effects and particles which dictate the atmosphere that I desired for a dark atmospheric game.

Crouch / Run / Jump / Zoom

Basic first-person perspective characteristics and functionalities which are needed in a exploration type game. There will be environmental puzzles throughout the game – therefore you will use these traits to complete the game.


The environment will be presented at night. There are various light sources that are used to built up certain effects – but some areas are shrouded in darkness. The flashlight is your little friend for discovering the right path.

Head Bobbing

For a more realistic character movement, I’ve created an animation which will replicate the walking motion of a real person.

Item Collecting / Inspecting

Feeling like a completionist? You will be able to find 60 artefacts and 25 books throughout the game. Can you find them all? Reaching out and trying to get all of these will trigger more parts of the story.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

There are some AI elements which will roam the lands. And not only.


Certain effects were established through various animations.

Functionalities (64-bit Development PCD3D_SM5) 2_10_2020 9_50_12 PM

The project started in the very first week of this year. And since then I’ve added functionalities, assets and I’ve compiled a structure of the game’s story. Since the map I am creating is huge – development is still far from end.

For this year I planned the release of two video-games (of course there already is a third game I want to create – I got its name, idea and how it will start – I will only say that I want it to be a living nightmare, a deeply disturbing horror game) therefore there is plenty of time to work on these.

Functionalities (64-bit Development PCD3D_SM5) 2_10_2020 9_43_32 PM

Rendering Fear will feature music that I will create but also there will be credited music from other artists.

You can check out my YouTube channel for updates on the project, my music and not only. Seems that I decided as well to create short films this year.

Below is the Story Teaser Trailer for the game. Also Rendering Fear has its own presentation website, so be sure to check this out as well.

The world is a better place when you create. Mark my words. Peace.

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