A.T.O.M. – Demo Release / Updates / Links

What I desired through working on a video-game was to create a virtual world – to be able to give an opportunity to engage with an environment that is outside of normality. To create a fictional universe – a story – an idea which the player can access – and live.

And hopefully fear.

I’ve been investing some time after work – and in the weekends – to create this. And now – a demo is coming up tomorrow (25/11/2019).

ATOM (64-bit Development PCD3D_SM5) 11_18_2019 10_06_29 PM

Honestly I don’t have all the time needed to create it – but I am working in the hours I am able to integrate in my daily schedule. But the project will continue – and another one after it – and so on.

I’ve been focusing on developing stories lately – and I think I can shape these stories into video-games – to have a portfolio of a few titles. That is one of my main goals for the upcoming months.

Below are a list of updated links related to my project.

Official Site


A.T.O.M. on Pinterest

ATOM on Itch.io



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