I Am Making A Game: ATOM

Ladies and gentlemen – it is just like it sounds. I am indeed engaging in developing a first person atmospheric horror game using Unreal Engine 4. The following article contains all the information I can share about my new project.

ATOM - Unreal Editor 8_29_2019 12_34_49 AM

01 – Concept. Idea. Framework.

A.T.O.M. – A Tale Of Madness.

What would seem to be an forgotten warehouse is now the home for your terror. Begin exploring the unknown and find your way out. But beware – you are not alone.. nobody is ever alone.

A.T.O.M. combines elements of first person exploration with environmental puzzles in a dark atmospheric environment. You will be able to explore all the corners of the spaces that you find yourself trapped in and engage with the world around you.

The game is in its pre-alpha stage – meaning that all architecture framework, design, development and testing are taking place in a continuous workflow.

The development of the main product will be accompanied by a series of artwork releases, snips, demo videos and updates. There is no established release date for the game as for now.

ATOM - Unreal Editor 8_28_2019 11_04_13 PM

02. Development

The game is being developed using Unreal Engine 4. Since this is actually quite new to me – I am engaging in learning as much as possible – reading and following as many tutorials as I can, on a daily basis.

My tasks:

  • Level design
  • Light configuration and behavior
  • Texturing
  • Re-sizing, re-shaping
  • Architectural modelling
  • Object modelling
  • Sound design
  • Trigger points implementation
  • Animation
  • Testing

Indeed I am making this game as complete as possible at my level of knowledge. A.T.O.M. will feature an original soundtrack – all the music in the game will be created by me (or more explicitly my Alter EgoDarkstep). Also there will be featured royalty-free sounds, for creating the atmosphere which I’ve taken into consideration.

ATOM - Unreal Editor 8_28_2019 11_32_23 PM

I’ve never been more excited in my life about creating something – and I feel like I can create an amazing game because each day I get tons of ideas of what and how to make this game more appealing.

Updates will follow.

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