The Night [Horror Poem]

The night is dark

And full of terror.

There are dead bodies

Pilling up…

And since you can’t

Describe the feeling,

Let me remind you…

There is no light!

No hope.. no chance..

No retribution.

No life after we ate your soul

Beheaded –

Like a rotten ghoul,

Just emptiness,

A dead black hole.

It’s morning.


Dead flesh.. Lost.

Just madness,


Dirty frost.

Dead humans

Rotting in the sun,

My demons

Chanting, having fun

And night…

The pale…

The empty crust.


With the smiling rust.

The present

And the future king –

They both obey –

Descending fast

And darkness



And children fade and die along.

This is my poem of the dark

For Void is where I…

Too belong.

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