[_cyberpunk] ( I );

I became very passionate about the cyberpunk culture over the last few months. I’ve been reading some articles, browsed through some art collections and listened to vaporwave ever since I realized that this genre is actually one of my favorites.. I am even expecting to receive Neuromancer this next week in order to read it.

Why? would you ask.. because I really like the idea of combining technology with a decaying society – with augmentations, hacking and neon lights, with small and dusty apartments, with shady architecture and small, claustrophobic rooms in poor-lit basements. Ever since I played Observer and I spend time sitting in the rooms from the game and how the ambiance and the atmosphere was there.. I knew it.. this genre is what I’ve been looking for.

So I’m going to start a series of articles which will contain cyberpunk-themed illustrations, music, reviews and conceptual reviews of short films, games, books and so on. And this first article will have one of my favorite pixel art illustration attached to it.



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