Films, Festivals, Theater Plays and More…

When I am not coding or playing some psychological horror game I am always searching for means to see how the long history of the acting art has been developed in the modern age. That means I am looking for film festivals, theater plays and other cultural events which I could enjoy. Lately I’ve been lucky since I managed to attend quite a few events along with a lovely companion. I’ll list them below, followed by observations and some lines of interpreting criticism.

There’s been the 2018 edition of the International Festival of Puppet Theaters and Puck Puppets – and since my last Puppet play I attended was when I was a child – I gave it a try. We attended two of the plays from the festival – which had a more mature audience orientation – and which were amazingly put together. The first was “La Fantasia”. This was my favorite because it was very well played – the story had comedy elements and drama which quite captivated.

La-fantasia-una-storia-dei-zanni-5It was the tale of a young group of artists which wanted to affirm themselves for their talents. La Fantasia – A storia de zanni, appears a show of humor, irony, live music, masks and dolls, it is meant to be a plea for acceptance, tolerance and love (of us and of those near us, regardless of time and place) by the imperfection of human nature, with good and bad qualities and defects. The students from Bucharest played it very well.

The second was “Godot” – coming from young actors from Iasi. “Godot” is the student’s license from the Art Animation Section of the National University of Arts in Iasi. Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s play “Waiting for Godot,” the preliminary exercise of the show’s preparation followed a non-verbal exposure of the themes proposed by the play in scenic scenes of metaphorical value – specific to the art of animation. Featuring only bunraku dolls and a hard-rock tune, we try to reduce to a few gestures that have been polished for each doll’s character, what famous exegetes of dramatic art have called the most skillful creation dramatic of all time. The game of in-animation is so extremely risky, as the only word spoken on stage is “Godot”.

Another event we attended was the Negreni Fair. Officially dated as a sales event in 1815 – this fair is older more than four centuries – and it has a certain historic value attached to it. You can find anything here – especially antiques and unique items. Also everything from food, clothing to furniture, accessories and jewels. I’ve tasted the best cranberry juice along with some good food – and purchased an original Matryoska doll from Russia and some metallic figures of some fantasy characters – which I have to research to see their origin and role. Also the scenery was beautiful – apart the huge amount of people which were like everywhere.


We also attended a fair here in Cluj – just a couple of weeks ago in which I managed to purchase a leather bracelet having Dacian symbols imprinted – the Dra’ko.

The Dacian Draco [draˈko] was the standard ensign of troops of the ancient Dacian people, which can be seen in the hands of the soldiers of Decebalus in several scenes depicted on Trajan’s Column in Rome, Italy. It has the form of a dragon with open wolf-like jaws containing several metal tongues. The hollow dragon’s head was mounted on a pole with a fabric tube affixed at the rear. In use, the draco was held up into the wind, or above the head of a horseman, where it filled with air and gave the impression it was alive while making a shrill sound as the wind passed through its strips of material.

IMG_20181006_134425Before that was an autumn festival – with lots of traditional items – with scents in the air like when we were young children in our grand-grandparents’ old homes – scents of honey and fresh cheese and corn and sweet aromas of cake.

Moving on to film festivals – as in each autumn – the Anime night was celebrated here – this year with three anime movies – Akira, The Girl who Leapt through Time and Howl’s Moving Castle – the last we managed to see. We’ve purchased also some anime merchandise – as in each year.

Le Festival International du Film de Cannes was brought to our city – and we saw “Shoplifters” – a Japanese production – telling a story of a not-so-conventional family – which had a strange way of living – but which was portrayed as very united.

And this last weekend was a Russian film festival – in which we attended ‘Sobibor”- a WWII drama – a very good movie – in my opinion – with great acting and storyline and also “Mathilde” – a historic tale of love, passion and risks.

And this wouldn’t be all – this autumn was amazingly put together speaking of cultural and social events. Looking forward to whatever comes up next.



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