Serena: Point-N-Click Tale – RE:view

Serena is a point-and-click adventure story developed with the effort of over 40 contributors – members of development teams such as Senscape, CBE Software, Infamous Quests, Digital Media Workshop, Guys from Andromeda and others.

It is relatively short – and it tells the tale of a man who dwells into solitude, inside a cabin where he used to hang out with his wife. Only this time – he is trying to remember all the good things between them and trying to understand what happened to his love life.

Serena (Cabin, Chair) 9_20_2018 7_15_26 PM

It is an interactive story of abandonment, loneliness, regret, frustration, sadness, hatred, fear and most of the human emotions and moods. The story begins as the man shows humility and externalizes a humble attitude towards what he had done to create this situation. He tells his story of how he misses the happy times of his relationship – you can actually interact with object around the cabin to find out more details about what his story used to be.

Serena (Cabin, Chair) 9_20_2018 7_20_59 PM

As you approach certain object – his mood and tone changes and he begins to get mad, to show his other faces, his other thoughts and ideas – and in the end he gets mystified by an incomprehensible truth.

The story is written in a very unique and artistic method. The narrative line flows poetically and captivates. I’ve played it twice and I still want to return into the atmosphere of this short game.

Serena (Cabin, Chair) 9_20_2018 7_40_50 PM

Serena is free on Steam if you want to try it – Serena on Steam.

One thing that I absolutely adored in the game was the voice acting done by adventure game designer Josh Mandel. Also there is no soundtrack – only an ambiance of an old wooden cabin in the middle of the woods, the creaking floors and doors of the pieces of  furniture and the never-ending ticking of an antique clock.

I recommend it for its uniqueness and chromatic palette.


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