The Nun – Conceptual Review

Welcome to Romania. Beauty resembling the Dark Ages, superstition, tradition, ancient abbeys, untouched lands, religion. As a local I can say we still have parts of the country where you can find these things.

Where the stories of the never ending battle between good and evil are still told at night, around the fire and old books are kept on dusty shelves, bearing ancient knowledge. Old rituals of cleansing bad spirits and a vast set of ceremonies of inducing good into our lives. There are distant villages in which people – old most of them live their lives peacefully – far from the noisy, polluted and mentally-ill big cities.

Yet we have a history written with blood, with legends of vampires and ghouls haunting dark catacombs beneath ruined castles, with places bearing the sign of the paranormal and with shadows that devour your peace and feed on fears.

Just like in the latest installment from the Conjuring Universe – we bear both good and bad adequacies. In a rural part of Romania, a dark shadow is cast upon one particular abbey. The nuns here are terrorized by an invisible shadow and apparently it drives them to lose their sanity and act accordingly. After one of the nuns hangs herself – Vatican sends father Burke along with a yet-to-become nun – Sister Irene (Violet from American Horror Story) to investigate the situation and to make sure the abbey’s land is still holy. Sister Irene is chosen because she had visions with strong links to religious messages from Mother Mary.

The scenes are depicted in a medieval, dark Gothic fashion. The abbey – like an old forgotten tower of witchcraft opens its secrets one by one. It is surrounded by a graveyard in which we are not told whom reside – but the crosses around are meant to keep inside whatever evil was spawned there.

Father Burke encounters the darkness here in the form of an old regret – the death of a young boy whom he exorcised. Sister Irene has a personal date with the evil Nun – a dark spirit taking the form of a religious woman – walking down the dark dungeons restlessly and in seek of anguish and hostility.

I am letting out important parts of the plot and other details in case you really want to see the film. So I am describing the atmosphere of the movie – which bears an autumnal shadowy nuance. The editing was really good – the jump-scares effective – I even got scared once because I was really absorbed into the story. The soundtrack was also good.

The dialogues appeared vague at some point but they didn’t used foul language except once. The director already announced that a sequel is in plan and also another installment in the Conjuring Universe will offer more information about the evil Valak – in the form of the Nun.


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